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Example sentences for staid

Despite nearly half a century of wood-fired history, this constantly evolving project is not your father's staid barbecue joint.
It all sounded rather depressingly staid though the cinema schedule cheered me up somewhat.
Unlike their staid northern cousins, these freebooters learned to take risks and profit from them.
In repose he has the staid face of an affluent farmer.
Not for him a staid life in drawing-rooms or city clubs.
His rapid-fire, unique sense of humor is a perfect addition to the staid world of science.
The staid tone, formulas, charts and somewhat confusing organization make this fascinating history challenging to absorb.
The haute couture presentations fled the staid salons and leapt onto kinetic runways.
Maybe this has to do with the installation: busy at the outset and staid after that.
Inexpensive genetic testing is turning the once-staid pursuit of genealogy into an extreme sport.
She staid with us more than six months, and would have remained longer had it not been considered unsafe.

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When at times the mob is swayed To carry praise or blame too far, We may take something like a star To stay our minds on... more
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