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Even if continuing stagnation should slow greenhouse gas-caused climate change, the damage already done is extremely serious.
Cultural and political stagnation presses painfully.
While short-term stimulus is important, long-term stagnation is an enemy that should also be fought.
New oil wealth masks stagnation in the rest of the economy and widespread poverty.
The problem with the average-size corporation is that eventually the preservers take over and stagnation sets in.
Rich-world governments see it as a way of staving off stagnation.
The uncomfortable stagnation of too much time spent behind a desk begins to rise.
Watch out for a continuation of this nasty recession and stagnation.
The alternative, he says, is a decade of stagnation and decline.
The industrial stagnation which has affected other sections of the country has not, as yet, troubled this place.
But the past four years have seen a fall back into stagnation.
It was the third straight month of virtual stagnation.
The agreement also reflects the gradual reawakening of the satellite business after two years of stagnation.
Stasis and dogmatism were seen as recipes for stagnation and collapse.
The economy needs another stiff dose of fiscal stimulus to shake off the current stagnation.
The same is a remedy for the spleen, and blushing, and several distempers occasioned by the stagnation of the blood.
But, in any balancing of the current threats to the economy, the danger of stagnation trumps the danger of inflation.
May draws on his extensive experience as a therapist to offer a blueprint for breaking out of our patterns of creative stagnation.
The stagnation of social mobility will inevitably bring about a series of consequences.
But remember, the alternative may be continued stagnation.
Those reforms immediately increased the rate of economic growth and broke the agricultural stagnation.
But this stagnation shouldn't be seen as a sign that social bookmarking is no longer relevant.
The result is stagnation and inevitably lower tax revenues as consumers earn less and have less to spend.
After centuries of stagnation, their economy is on the move, fueling animal spirits and ambition.
Despite the stagnation of record sales, the concert industry is booming.
It's not only globalization and technological change causing this stagnation.
Political stagnation has gone hand-in-hand with corruption and a lack of respect for rule of law.
When their test criterion detects stagnation, the restart parameter is increased.
Thus low stagnation temperatures are produced which allow the use of inexpensive, rapid-prototype, plastic models for testing.
When looking at the concentrations for the stagnation days, there is little variation among all the categories discussed.
The averages for all the stagnation concentrations make sense.
Geologically, the area consists of stagnation moraine with numerous lakes and rolling hills.

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