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Example sentences for stagnate

The climate is not a stagnate structure, but rather a chaotic one.
Higher savings might bring down our trade deficit, but growth would still stagnate.
If the system settles into harmony and equilibrium, it will eventually stagnate and die.
Corporate profits are setting records, by some measures, even as wages stagnate.
The financial industry is likely to stagnate or shrink in the next few years.
But unrealistic overpricing in the current environment, he says, means properties stagnate.
While over regulated countries stagnate in their own bureaucracy.
As lower-paid workers have seen their incomes stagnate or even fall, the highest-paid workers have gotten steep raises.
When the downpour stops, puddles stagnate and become hatcheries for mosquitoes.
But the workers back home have less work to do than they would otherwise, which causes real wages to stagnate or fall.
The problem is that the economy will stagnate without a functioning banking system.
More important, without midlife crises our civilization will stagnate.
One criteria is acceptance of evolution, which has remained stagnate for the past twenty years.
Yet it's what separates the successful and well-paid from those who stagnate and remain undervalued.
Western finance faces an onslaught of regulation and is likely to stagnate.
Stagnate, default, inflate-they all seem equally grim.
And without more jobs and better pay, consumer spending is likely to stagnate.
Consumers may pull back on spending, especially if their wages continue to stagnate.
Without this position, parking would be difficult to find, which could stagnate business.
Turn over wheelbarrows and do not allow water to stagnate in bird baths.
It helps many people rebuild their credit and without it the economy would stagnate.
Without strong transportation arteries, economies stagnate.
Dead legs and non-recirculated plumbing lines that allow hot water to stagnate also provide areas for growth of the organism.
Direct evaporative air coolers with sprays or misters used as humidifiers include sumps, which may stagnate when not in use.
The larger chains continue to grow at a constant rate while small chains have begun to stagnate.
Flower pots, gutters and toys all serve as catch places for stagnate water and need emptied.
Water gardens can become major mosquito producers if they are allowed to stagnate.
Turn over wheelbarrows and do not allow water to stagnate in birdbaths.
Without the influence of fire, many habitats and ecosystems stagnate.
Rely on closed, heavily regulated systems and stagnate.

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