staging area in a sentence

Example sentences for staging area

The area is geologically active, including a fault line running under the proposed site for the cask staging area.
It's a horrible staging area to go to the rest of the solar system.
The staging area accommodates parking and picnicking with drinking water and grills.
The former adult pool area and fitness center are still a staging area during construction.
Riders must haul their bikes to the trails from the park's designated staging area.
Book a room in the city so you can walk to the event's staging area.
Large crane lifts refrigerators and tanks off an airboat onto a truck to be taken to the staging area.
The staging area should be outside of the incident site perimeter, but close enough for quick response to the scene.
The trailhead is across the river from the staging area.
The preserve staging area will immediately come up on the right hand side of the road.
The material was then either placed on the shoulder or delivered to an onsite staging area.
Organizers address part of the large crowd of volunteers from the back of a flatbed truck at a staging area.
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