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We see staggering corruption everywhere, with lots of talk and absolutely zero accountability for the perpetrators.
The improvement in emerging-markets' reputation has been staggering.
Moose are at home in the water and, despite their staggering bulk, are good swimmers.
Every story of autoimmune disease is sad--but collectively the impact of these illnesses is staggering.
Money spent on research and development at pharmaceutical companies has increased at a staggering rate.
And it shows teenagers staggering under the two-ton weight of expectations- their parents' as well as their own.
The pace of development since peace returned eight years ago has been staggering.
Hurricanes are enormous heat engines that generate energy on a staggering scale.
There was nothing particularly new, but it was staggering to see it all brought together.
Not once do you try to account for the staggering costs of what it will and does cost humanity to do nothing.
The donkey stood squarely under this staggering load.
His calculations, if accurate, have revealed some staggering statistics.
Customers left the hall staggering under the weight of their purchases.
Though they spread over less than one percent of the seafloor coral reefs support a staggering one-fourth of all marine species.
It is a staggering number that people do not realize because they only think of flying when they are on an airplane.
Potatoes planted last year have suddenly reappeared this year, with some staggering results.
Large gatherings of flamingos require staggering amounts of spirulina.
However, your naivete and lack of understanding of the fossil fuel industry and business in general is staggering.
Because, even if the author is simplifying here, human life does come at a staggering cost to many other life forms.
Suspects must be capable of killing with staggering swiftness both on land and in the seas.
The amount of contemporary, win-at-any-cost, social engineering going on is staggering.
Katrina's economic costs are unknown for now but are sure to be staggering.
The sheer amount of scientific ignorance shown by some of the comments left here is staggering.
The transition that a village makes when a cruise ship comes is staggering.
Thus, a colony's foragers cover a staggering amount of territory.
Fears about the crab's ability to colonize new areas are underlined by the staggering distances it can travel inland.
The biggest problem with the world today is the staggering amount of ignorant people.
But the staggering views alone are worth driving two days for.
Unless he is hoping to get subsidies from a bankrupt government staggering toward economic collapse.
Another reason for secrecy is the truffle's staggering price.
The variety of cell biology out there is staggering.
Whatever the scenario, the result was staggering extinctions.
If true, the extent of the collaboration is staggering.
He spent staggering amounts of money to get back even more staggering amounts.
The holes that have been blown through pension funds by the financial crisis are staggering.
Past credit decisions have resulted in staggering losses.
Inevitably, this has led to unemployment on a staggering scale.
When these enhancements were put to the test the improvement in performance was staggering.
Within five years, they found deposits that were staggering.
The chemicals and energy use alone would be staggering.
In short, the impact and uses of mobile technology in the developing world is nothing short of staggering.
The number of different salts on the market is staggering, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in your cooking.
These students continue not being successful semester after semester at a cost to the taxpayers that is staggering.
The costs of maintaining all that space are staggering.
The implications of this for the welfare of society are staggering, yet students and faculty are largely silent on the matter.
Well, the world did not change, but the combined gross of your films is staggering.
But what is really staggering is how easy it would have been to avoid these power outages.
The judge built his argument step by step, finally concluding with the staggering sentence.
Part of what makes this so staggering is the amount by which these projects went over their goals.
What's more, these machines are multiplying at a staggering rate.
Compared to oil, natural gas is so abundant it's staggering.
Sure, there are staggering legal fees and the risk of a company imploding.
The last sentence in this quote from the text reveals a staggering ignorance of basic physics in the one who makes it.
The cost of air pollution in terms of health care, and deaths, is staggering.
Calculated as an intended outcome, the co-incidence represents odds of a staggering unlikeliness.
It climbed in a staggering sort of way to the top of the terrarium.
Staggering levels of unemployment and poverty have further hardened these tough people.
The growth in student loans over the past decade has been truly staggering.
The sheer number of phones these smaller players are producing is staggering.
And it's emergence in this recession is nothing short of staggering.
The scale of corruption and dishonesty was staggering.
The staggering slew of upsets set the stage for a single conference holding the top three spots in the rankings.
With the demise of so much large-scale farming, even a normal rainy season would have yielded a staggering dropoff.
Predictably, these conditions result in staggering rates of mental illness and psychological deterioration.
The income ratio between these two outcomes is simply staggering: more than one hundred to one.
The drop-off in agricultural production is staggering.
No one knows how many stars exist, but the number would be staggering.
As a quick review of history shows, building a country is a long process and the hurdles can be staggering.
Early on, the gains were staggering, creating huge demand for whatever might be offered next.
The inability of contemporary journalists to see clearly that which is before their eyes is staggering.
Meanwhile, staggering sums were made in private transactions.
Staggering financial losses have required unrelenting expense reductions to restore profitability.
The true government debt off the books at all levels is staggering and will soon rear its ugly head.
The utter failure of mainstream economics is staggering.
But it does little to reduce the system's staggering and increasing complexity.
Now the staggering price does get you a few cool technologies.
The sheer amount of chemicals removed from labs is staggering.
Cosmic rays are sometimes so energetic, they must be born in cosmic accelerators fueled by cataclysms of staggering proportions.
The staggering mistake was to throw out anything that didn't fit.
Again, the volume of space we're talking about here is staggering.
There is a staggering density of ideas in this piece about humanity's impact on our world.
The tangible consequences of this growing epidemic are staggering.
There are a staggering number of good ideas for generating energy, many of them already being used in other countries.
She has not turned up any genetic clues yet, but if she succeeds, the impact could be staggering.
Though eyeless may set eye formation in motion, events of staggering complexity follow.
The rate of increase of tech and science has been staggering and will continue.
There may not be a lot of genes in each microbe, but together they can hold a staggering amount of genetic diversity.
Your ignorance of the contributions of other cultures to our modern western society is staggering.
If you calculated all the insurance that you pay and is embedded in the cost of goods and services you buy it would be staggering.
The odds against this one event alone seem staggering.
Oil consumption is skyrocketing but at the same time oil production is staggering.
There was this remarkable combination of hubris, excitement, and staggering ignorance.
The effects' level of technological complexity is staggering, but at the same time, it seems almost unnecessary.
It's a director's dream to work with her because her openness and her enthusiasm for her work is staggering.
It's frankly impossible to write anything new about that staggering historic episode.
Next thing you know, there he is, punch-drunk and staggering over the dead body.
The whole point of the place is about vigorous, staggering honesty.
Vertigo is manifested by dizziness and occasional staggering.
The challenges to creating a synthetic brain are staggering.
Now, one year later, the reality of its effects on our economy and our health care system are staggering.
The result was a staggering increase in capital inflows.

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