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Example sentences for stagger

It is no pretty sight watching a bully stagger and fall from his pulpit.
The government is alert to the danger and says it will do its best to stagger the pain.
Some animals are ingesting the pesticides by eating poisoned rats as the rats stagger about, dazed but not yet dead.
But it manages to stagger to its feet and stiffly walks down the ramp.
The stagger in his gait and pleading in his eyes said it all.
Great trucks thundered past, showering her with grit, and a fierce wind got up that made her stagger.
They smile, then stagger on at full speed, panting and pouring sweat.
Then they stagger off to get drunk and catch up on their sleep.
Nighttime revelers joke and laugh, calling loudly for taxis as they stagger in.
People who share this view-or merely exploit it-have succeeded in slowing reform to a fitful stagger.
There, they stagger into a parking line that stretches out along one side, and everyone begins to set up camp.
More often, though, big government projects stagger into operation but work badly.
The sacrifices that the people are making for her success stagger the imagination.
The pains the designers took with the interior can stagger the imagination.
The letter acknowledges the mistake and requests repayment, offering to stagger my payments in three installments.
They don't really do anything but stagger around and eat raw flesh.
Look how they stagger from their sleep as if the morning were a river.
The great tragedies, with their mighty figures and penetrating psychology, can stagger us unadorned.
One mildewed bachelor, fearing disaster, bravely latched on to a balcony perch and finally exited with a slight stagger.
The poisoned animals stagger around on the ground, making them easy pickings for birds of prey.
Job losses this year have not been staggering, but they still have the potential to stagger your team.
No weak-kneed stagger as she tried to make it to an empty chair.
But mostly the crabs, though still alive, sit motionless or stagger around sluggishly.
If you stagger your reports, then you can check in on your credit profile every four months, instead of only once per year.
The economy did not stagger under the weight of ample benefits and high taxes.
Weary figures in muddy ponchos and heavy boots slide and stagger through the mud, clinging to each other for support.
People used to go elsewhere or, more likely, stagger along not knowing.
Suppose you're out for the evening and you see someone stagger out of a tavern, get in his car and pull away.
It also depends on the timing of the cuts and whether you want to stagger the timing of raising the debt ceiling.
Remember that our sons and daughters are going to do things that will stagger us.
Apparatus arrival time, the stagger between apparatus, and crew sizes were varied.
Stagger the line and face each other to avoid twisting and turning.
Run built up beam members in lengths as long as practicable and stagger ends of adjacent built up beam members.
Scarf running joints and stagger in adjacent and related members.
For example, teachers should stagger expository writing activities over an extended period.
Please stagger your times to visit the restroom to avoid overcrowding.
If your generator does not produce enough power to operate everything at once, stagger the use of your equipment.

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