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Nostalgia is not limited to any culture, stage of life or state of mental health.
No matter what your stage of life, there's an age-appropriate car for you.
The bacterium has an interesting multi-stage life history.
All this sets the stage for the next phase of our debate.
In stage four the problems are clear enough that firms start grasping for salvation.
The ascent stage looked ugly, but it didn't need to be smooth and shiny-looking.
When you're working with a bold hues, pick one to take center stage.
The first stage carries a parachute and is designed to be recoverable, although this has not yet worked out in practice.
Extending the proposal stage only makes that road longer and more costly.
Often he was kept, crouching or standing, in a small cage on the stage.
These benefit from her limpid tone and her sensual stage presence.
Pots in different shades of green set the stage for this composition.
Begin feeding with liquid fertilizer a week or two after plants reach the two-leaf stage.
Each stage also has three mini-missions that you can choose to complete when you're playing through it.
They all require the inert, or noble, gas helium for their use or at some stage of their production.
The city, in all its brooding grandeur, takes center stage in stories featuring the master of deduction.
But never fear, the manual has precise instructions for identifying zombies at any stage of their rotten existence.
Stage the learning process with clear metrics for advancement.
Bob held the stage with his actor's baritone and theatrical chuckle, his eyes crinkled and sharply alert.
Start with a visually dominant plant of an appropriate height and scale for center stage in your flower bed.
After a while you'll want people apart from those who helped you at the dissertation stage.
In that case, the hair follicle stays in its rest stage indefinitely.
Now a third stage is at hand, one of dangerously outsized expectations.
The show comprehensively examines each stage in the artist's development.
The neutral wall color lets artwork and bedding take center stage.
It's not at the page proofs stage yet so it should be fine.
Acting needs to be relegated back to the stage where it belongs.
It seems that predicting earthquakes is more pseudo than science at this stage.
By this stage, many weeds will have been killed by mowing or crowded out by the growing lawn.
One of the birds that the trainers worked with, but was too unpredictable to be on stage, was a raven.
In stage two the brain slows with only a few bursts of activity.
At this stage the core is about the size of our sun.
For millions more, it is the final stage of terminal illness.
The former were revived, but did not long hold the stage.
In her letters, one may trace its germ at an early stage, with here and there evidences of its gradual growth.
The illustrious position of that university offered a stage for the development of his talents.
The dramatic quality of his talent is manifest in many of his tales, of which some were adapted by the author for the stage.
In this stage the poetic art admitted no aristocracy of talent.
His list of acting accomplishments covers stage, film, television and voice.
At that stage the machines will be in effective control.
Though weakened by defeat over pension reform, the unions will stage sporadic protests.
But all this has helped emerging economies mainly in the first stage: absorption.
Early experiments also suggest that the discs are effective even against some late-stage forms of cancer in mice.
They watched performers on stage who were their age.
Not strong enough to reach the stage, the flash in the audience highlighted the back of about thirty rows of heads as well.
As you go from one stage to the next, the role you play changes.
Fraternities and sororities would orchestrate loud cheering sections to applaud each of their members as they crossed the stage.
More and more often, the editing stage of a book or journal article headed for publication is entirely paperless.
Almost everyone in our profession is familiar with the pattern that leads to that staggering late-stage attrition rate.
The world's first in-repertory productions of both on the same stage.
The process can be so daunting, in fact, that some students never make it out of the candidacy stage.
They study their opponents, stage mock battles, and stash ammo to grab in the moment of crisis.
From the time he was in grade school, he longed to be on a stage, or near one.
For one thing, the singers were having trouble hearing the orchestra from the back of the stage.
Mentions his superbly sculpted legato phrasing, his emotion-charged distinctive timbre, and his smoldering stage presence.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
Muse had an interesting stage set that offset a less interesting song.
The island he is speaking of is both the ambiguous place where he has been marooned for years and the stage itself.
They had alcohol-affected blood cells dancing around the stage.
Two treatments that boost the immune system improve survival rates and slow cancer growth in late-stage melanoma patients.
But something happened here, and it may have taken place on a stage of clay.
We really want to slow down the progress of the disease at an early stage.
After gross preparation, some of the team members moved on to the fine preparation stage of cleaning.
One of his advanced-stage leukemia patients had low levels of electrolytes and compromised kidney function, the caller reported.
If you wake somebody up from deep, stage-four sleep, they will usually have nothing to report about the experience.
It's the constant struggle of all these circuits to come up to the top and hold the stage for that second.
After the beheading, attendees rushed the stage and dipped their handkerchiefs in the royal blood.
It is normally awarded for theoretical contributions made at an early stage of the recipient's research career.
At each stage, they carefully observed how the rats reacted.
Two out of five candidates on the stage were anti-war.
They are totally theatrical, complete with stage set and props.
But because we've been entirely financed through charitable donations we're constantly fundraising to pay for the next stage.
If so, the strategy could be useful for later-stage degeneration, when the existing retina has lost much of its function.
Several of the resulting medications have progressed to late-stage clinical development.
In the meantime, there are portable dialysis devices that are closer to the testing stage.
Between the second and the third stage, they simply disappeared.
Solid-acid fuel cells are still at an early stage of development.
Batteries remain expensive, but early-stage technical advances could change that.
In fact, several early-stage clinical trials are now ongoing.
The advance follows research published last week creating an early stage retina in the lab.
Over two dozen such therapies have advanced to early-stage clinical trials.
But also, as you look down, you get a better view of the full depth of the stage.
Especially when, as at this stage, they didn't even know where the primary source was.
He knew in that moment that he preferred to look at the audience instead of the stage.
High-end restaurants and shops will be part of a second stage of development.
Whenever the leaders of the art world stage a major event, vastly rich people are never far from the scene.
At the finale, baguettes bombarded the stage as part of the audience ovation.
But it helps to know the hallmarks of the disease and to have a plan for dealing with each stage before it arrives.
After their marriage, three years ago, they both left the stage.
It is the stage of authoritarianism as rigid as in the first stage, but this time totally devoid of even token popular support.
At this stage the situation had become so explosive that the adults intervened.
Every stage of his biography contributed ingredients to a cosmopolitan mix.
Sisterly beams of light shine down in slanted columns: the stage is set and lit by nature.
It's important, however, to step back and ask how important these dodgy financial practices were in setting the stage for crisis.

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