staffer in a sentence

Example sentences for staffer

They can and are, but it is often harder for them to get important but worthy stories into the papers than it is for a staffer.
Before he left, a company staffer demanded that he sign a final confidentiality agreement.
He is not a team trainer, nor a public relations staffer.
Please feel free to contact the appropriate staffer or office with your concerns.
The firm invoices based on the wage of the staffer that actually performed the work.
He asked to meet with the staffer who was handling it-not to meet with another senator, but to meet with the staffer.
Joe is now the latest full-time staffer who brings this unique perspective to my staff.
He had voiced his objections about filming outside to a staffer shortly before going onto the practice field, records show.
Once a comment has been flagged, a staffer will investigate.
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