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Their product is their employees' knowledge and their distribution channels are the relationships between their staff and clients.
Average earnings have also increased more for public staff than for private employees since the start of the decade.
Penny's reaction to physics-speak is similar to when my fellow physics teachers start talking shop at staff meeting.
All that sounds swell so long as you properly staff your place.
Although there will be no staff members on site, the facility will be monitored around the clock.
With a few special stories, though, that feeling spreads to a magazine's whole editorial staff.
So before you buy, ask the nursery staff about the plant's size at maturity.
Given the attention he's brought to his university, he'll soon be asking for a bigger staff.
Here's an adaptation that works well for a cook without a staff.
Our staff photographer loads these pocket-size drives with pics from the year, then sends them to friends and family.
In theory, they could be jailed because a staff member at a foreign subsidiary bribed an official without their knowledge.
The staff can tell you everything about picking seasons and modes of steeping.
Most venture firms employ a skeleton staff of in-house experts in areas such as recruiting and marketing to help advise start-ups.
Sunset staff has been enjoying leafing through it, seeing gardens we've written about in the magazine already.
In the past, many aid organizations have focused their recruiting efforts on finding staff perceived to be inured to hardship.
The magazine's staff writer explained earlier this year how we'll all be eating jellyfish in the future.
We will work with you to help promote it to your sales staff or provide links to our order form from your gift site.
The staff will serve to distribute your weight if you fall through.
The report suggests that managers culled a share from the tips paid to waiting staff without those staff knowing.
The joker in the deck is a vervet monkey who also likes the fruit the staff puts out.
Staff supervision responsibilities include the recruitment, hiring, training and evaluation of all staff.
Nearly half of all start-ups do not expect to hire any staff at all.
At many small colleges, faculty and staff members are called on to perform multiple roles.
Web staff get everything online and make sure it stays there.
Developing and sustaining a diverse faculty and staff further the university's educational mission.
Staff got four times as much as shareholders did in profits.
But if you need help, our customer service staff is available.
Part of that move was offering three year contracts to as many of the previous foreign staff as possible.
The archive is used by staff and visiting scholars, but increasingly it receives e-mail requests from the general public.
If an employee doesn't swipe, his or her manager receives an email indicating the staff might be overworked.
Museum staff will conduct other hands-on activities that are sure to delight.
The donkeys seem to know what is being asked of them and make great contact with patients and staff.
The professional hunt staff was furious, but members of the hunt field cheered.
And in this manner they played, each of them striking the bag, either with his foot or with a staff.
The club that he had snapped from a tree, for a staff or for defense, was his own.
The staff's process was result-oriented, facts be damned.
Zoo staff monitored the egg each day, by weighing it and using a bright light to illuminate the egg's interior.
The sea dragons mated last year with only little help from the aquarium staff.
Print or digital subscriptions at the college rate are available to current college faculty, staff, administrators and students.
Through it all, her staff feuded and bickered, while her husband distracted.
To our surprise, it turned out the staff actually enjoyed working for tips.
Before introducing them the hospital often relied on a noisy public paging system to send messages to nurses and other staff.
It's unclear whether it goes into the restaurant's general coffers, or is split among all staff or among waiting staff alone.
Worldwide, crooked staff have better opportunities to steal than ordinary shoppers.
It gives them health checks and advice on managing stress, and regularly has ceremonies to congratulate long-serving staff.
They have a belief in themselves that, some say, results in high staff satisfaction and low employee turnover.
In some countries, companies expect to lose a fifth of their highly skilled staff every year.
They are using blogs both to get corporate messages to the public and as an internal medium for staff.
These pooled tips go to dining room staff and cabin stewards.
With no pediatric surgeon on staff, his doctor faces a difficult decision.
If there's an urgent staff meeting called, you don't want to miss the e-mail.
So they asked me to come and talk about this to the staff, and, even better they've opened this to the public.
They want to encourage staff to go home to their families and, well, make bigger ones.
Newspapers and magazines are responsible for establishing procedures for fact-checking, which staff members must then follow.
Most importantly in my opinion, were the on staff vets that were employed.
Syringes are cheap, costing pennies apiece, but they require trained staff.
Such software, for example, can alert security staff if someone climbs over a wall.
He was overruled by his staff, which has continued ever since to pursue the courageous reporting for which it has become known.
Primary care physicians usually make up almost half the medical staff.
The interactions with the clinical staff were remote, impersonal, and essentially mediated through machines.
In the hospitals, the nursing staff was largely comprised of foreigners, who have fled.
They spend more not only on their staff, but also on their graduate and undergraduate students, than their peers overseas.
Hospital staff said five people were killed and two injured in the violence.
The family and staff look on, dabbing tears, and it's a genuinely moving scene.
Foote had interviewed a couple of hotel staff members, but they hadn't seen a thing.
He took a bow, wobbled, and shot one of the staff in the leg.
He became so concerned that he began swapping cars routinely with members of his staff to avoid recognition.

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