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For an inside look at the ballpark, take a stadium tour.
While the football stadium and basketball arenas had been recently remodeled, the academic buildings showed their age.
It does have an interesting playhouse, a sports stadium complex, and some quirky restaurants.
Without technology, they can't even get into the stadium.
There is a committee that plans for emergencies at our huge football stadium.
While watching a football game at the stadium, they can bring up game and player statistics.
There is a brand new football stadium being built and an increase in the pay of our athletic coaches and staff.
In my heart there is a chamber larger than a stadium that scarcely contains my overflow admiration and affection for jazz singers.
The cardinal urged them to retain their faith, but many never left the stadium alive.
But put a new stadium in a derelict area-or on the edge of a city-and local government officials are much keener.
He could fill a stadium and put on a show, but as a military commander, he was hopeless.
Refugees immediately underneath the openings were moved to other parts of the stadium.
While almost all of it is harmless, avoid the losing team's supporters as they exit the pub or stadium after a soccer match.
They are hoping that he'll fill seats in this enormous new stadium that they're building.
Maybe it is a grandfather's old watch, a baseball caught at a stadium years before, or even a special family photograph.
On the left of the picture you see the two big semicircle roads, the parking lot must have been there for the big stadium.
We were momentarily transported back to the stadium.
And remember, at highest zoom each pixel is about the size of a football stadium.
Cameras snapped face shots of fans entering the stadium.
Sports video games have gotten pretty fancy, but the real-life stadium experience hasn't changed much in decades.
The sound it produces, however, is akin to being in a stadium with the announcer's voice lodged permanently inside your head.
His camper is bedecked with stadium lights that are always on, and hung with mysterious bundles of herbs.
Its centerpiece is a futuristic, crescent-shaped steel roof that floats above the stadium seats.
He played basketball with the soldiers' sons every evening at the stadium court.
You're playing on an outdoor rink in a football stadium, for starters.
The new king, meanwhile, was greeting his subjects by the thousands at a local stadium.
The plan was to keep him there until the stadium filled, at which point he would ride across the field in a white convertible.
Sure, there are the dozen or so movie actors who can carry a film, and the odd rocker who fills a stadium.

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