stadia in a sentence

Example sentences for stadia

He shifted to the left and stood the stadia rod straight to register his position for the survey laser on the tripod below.
To date, they have rarely leveraged this potential, instead subsidizing unnecessary business relocations and stadia building.
When spring darkens the great auditoriums, it also throws open the stadia and amphitheatres which now dot the country.
Biologist holding stadia rod in middle foreground is obscured by mature plants.
Measurement data will provide the basis for determining the number of stadia in the life history of the important species.
As far as is known there are five larval stadia, the last of which either pupates or goes into diapause.
Typical examples of periodic special generators are convention centers, stadia and arenas, and fairs and festivals.
No one knows for sure what the stadia that he used is in today's units.
If mounted in or on a vertical surface, the bolt head must have enough stick-out to permit a stadia rod to be rested on it.
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