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The arms, artillery and public property to be parked and stacked, and turned over to the officer appointed by me to receive them.
Additionally, textbooks are often stacked on warehouse shelving where it is difficult to locate the textbooks that one needs.
Here they work in adjacent offices linked by a bathroom whose sink is stacked high with files.
The boxes are stacked eight feet high and line the walls of the large, windowless room.
Customers realize that weather, for example, or stacked flights can cause delays that are beyond any one air line's control.
The layers are not stacked one over the other but in columns.
The federal tax code is also stacked against the poor.
Stacked solar cells are efficient because they capture more photons.
Too bad it's stacked with exaggerations making you, your point look bad.
While scientific papers are critiqued by juries of major journals, those juries can be stacked.
Milk and butter and cheese from cows fill the dairy shelves in supermarkets, and the meat section is stacked with cuts of cow.
So several layers stacked on top of one another could create a surface impervious to sounds at a wide range.
In the city's food stalls, meanwhile, vendors keep their meat-alive and dead-in cages and baskets stacked on top of each other.
The process is repeated until the stacked layers of ice are several feet thick.
Dozens of cookstoves were stacked in a corner, set to be painted.
They were stacked into an unbelievably complex maze.
When information is stacked in time, it is difficult to understand context and evaluate relationships.
They can be stacked in cupboards and upturned for use as impromptu seating.
The giant hunks of ice are removed from storage and stacked on top of one another.
It goes against their instincts to concede that the odds are so stacked against them that it is not worth the gamble.
The incentives tend to be stacked against negativity, and in some cases implicitly discourage it.
The downside of this is that you live stacked up with your neighbors with mere feet between your open windows.
We now have a dozen books stacked up for bedtime reading.
He survived, even with the odds stacked against him.
While certainly tragic, it was far from irrational: it turns out the behavioral economics were stacked against them.
The store is stacked to the ceiling with boxed versions of much of the software for sale down below.
The architects stacked the tile samples out of the way and moved to a conference room.
The inner sanctum holds a series of computers and components stacked floor to ceiling.
Stacked in a neat pile next to the typewriter were eight completed pages.
There were still coffins stacked at the station for completing the reburials.
Walk into the office of any editor at a university press and you will see dissertations stacked in piles, dozens of them.
In other words, the odds are stacked against bookshops both enormous and small.
We were directed to a large, desolate room filled with metal folding chairs and card tables stacked against the walls.
Within the main hall there are three levels stacked wedding-cake-style, and each level is visible from the other two.
In a back room there are now a few replacement servers stacked up in small, uneven piles.
Great clouds stacked up along the course with their bases almost on the water.
Carts normally stacked with fruit and vegetables were used to carry away the dead and wounded.
The table was set up in a well-lit, warehouse style room with stacked pallets and shelves of food boxes.
Skis and snowboards are stacked in the snow at the bar entrances.
These cards can be collected, traded and stacked to experiment with different looks.
Chairs are placed in conversational groups with ottomans and poufs, and books are stacked nearby.
Along the hallways, boxes of supplies lie stacked in orderly rows.
At several corner markets, boxes of water were stacked high outside.
And he frequently succeeds, with all the cards stacked against him.
The purpose of this video is to cover basic procedures for resetting a stone grave marker that has a stacked base with pins.
Bags and bundles should be stacked in interlocking rows to remain secure.
It would be convenient to blame the regulators for all that, but the system is stacked against them.
In the longer term the odds are stacked against secrecy, particularly in countries that practise openness in other areas.
Sadly for the traditionalists, the odds seem stacked against them.
Spend any time with the system and you know that history is stacked against success.
In darkened shops bundles of notes held together by rubber bands are stacked hip-high against the walls.
Supermarket shelves are stacked, but important decisions are on hold.
Having a government for the last few years so heavily stacked by one party led to yet more of the same partisan politics.
Far too many odds are stacked up against the country as it enters a new political cycle.
They can be lined up on the ground or stacked up with an external staircase connecting them.

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