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Make sure that all of the cards are lined up evenly in the stack.
Stack the rolled pieces on a plate as you complete the process.
Gauging effective teaching can be a little harder than measuring a stack of publications.
With distributed computing the industry became a stack of horizontal layers.
The result should be a stack with all five maps in alignment and all five regions demarcated by the students visible at once.
For clean coal they have symmetrically aligned stack of molecules coming out of two cooling towers.
After all, anyone hiring new personnel during a recession can expect to get a stack of resumes a mile high.
Economic forecasts are being revised downwards almost as fast as the sandbags stack up in the streets.
The outer layer of fully grown bones is a stack of lines.
So if you want to keep your employees fixed on their goals, keep a stack of money on their desks.
See how the world's biggest economies stack up on emissions with an interactive map.
The same thing happened to me with a stack of pancakes.
Bake the rounds, whip the cream, and stack with layers of jam for an impressive dessert in about an hour.
Don't keep a hot plate inches away from a large stack of papers.
Another cuts them into planks, which his mate tosses onto a rising stack.
Stack six of them into two groups of three and epoxy them to bolts.
Nearby, a stack of giant round metal baskets sits atop billowing jets of steam.
For what has stoked their fires isn't flesh or cash but stack upon precious stack of manga.
The are a uniform size and therefore will stack easily.
Tempting as such a theory is, the evidence does not quite stack up.
With pictures facing out, glue the postcards to the top and bottom of the folded stack of paper.
Cut and stack each fish fillet as needed to fit at the base of a leaf, leaving enough leaf open to enclose the fish.
It is also a fat stack of stunning eye candy for cultural anthropologists and comics nerds alike.
However, a good contact at a company can help you rise to the top of a stack of résumés a lot quicker.
Then there was the blowout preventer, a huge stack of valves on the sea floor.
In a corner a stack of folded blankets waits for winter.
My desk earlier today, with the stack of contest entries.
Take a collapsible wire-mesh and canvas screen and fill it with dirt, stack and repeat.
As if framing a loaded question weren't enough, they stack the deck, a couple of different ways.
When a city floods, humans stack sandbags and raise levees.
We ended up with a stack of creamy white and light yellow wax discs to use in cosmetics.
Evidence for the existence of dark matter begins to stack up.
Stack on top of that if a student needs a graduate degree.
Never mind all the academic papers written on how best to stack shelves, retailers have their own views.
The easiest way to see how things stack up is to check our chart, below.
The president's desk is now merely a place to stack papers-he never sits there.
Also in the stack of papers is a photo of my grandfather toward the end of his life, dapper in his suit.
Yellow means it's a stack of my notes, and blue tells me that these are handouts.
Actually, it's in my stack of books to read right now.
Maybe using regular old email is the equivalent of putting the graded stack of papers in the hallway for people to pick up.
Unfortunately, some group will always be at the bottom of the grading stack and have a longer wait.
She always has a big stack of books on her nightstand so she can pick the perfect book to fit her mood.
He handed over a thick stack of rubles and promised to deliver a snowmobile and an outboard motor.
And we'll see how your responses stack up, empirically.
The renderings depict square concrete horizontal tubes in a loose, vertiginous stack that is cantilevered toward the street.
All four players extend their arms and a loud rustling marks the start of a new hand as they shuffle and then stack the tiles.
Whatever you produce joins dozens of other efforts in a stack whose growing thickness doesn't exactly thrill your professor.
Newt has a stack of baggage a light year tall and is volatile and untrustworthy.
She emerges from the book more as a stack of interesting attributes than as a fully realized character in her own right.
Emma blows her stack again, which makes me fear it will become a stack schtick, stat.
Stack binding energy is vanishingly small compared to sheet binding energy.
The sensor is a stack of seven layers made of materials with different magnetic and electric properties.
Degrease then gently bolt together a stack of new double-edged razor blades.
One does not find a needle any faster by putting all the hay in the stack.
The price for someone to stack boxes is low, by contrast, because there are lots of alternatives.
So for the best benchmarks, stack up all your options.
But that kind of joke can stack up and can maybe go too far.
Health risks stack up for students near industrial plants.
The electricity is generated by a fuel-cell stack in the car.
The stack mixes hydrogen and oxygen in a process that produces electricity and emits water.
Stack your tops on a flat surface and cross the sleeves across the middle.
Stack your pants or shorts and fold them in half so the pant legs line up.
Websites posted instructions on the proper way to stack sandbags.
Now he's lopped the bottoms off a stack of spring-water bottles and will sell you one to juice your oranges.
Cheaper, faster, easier and you won't be left with a stack of plastic tat at the end of the day.
They might pick up a stack of them five or six times a year, rather than chasing issues every week.
The collection of books is represented as a stack on a shelf.
Place the cooked quail eggs in a straight line on top of the stack.
Roll the stack over the quail eggs as though you were making sushi.
There's a reason people tend to stack stuff on their desks: such intuitive organization can be effective.
In the corner there is a stack of coloring books to help kids prepare to say goodbye--and hello again.
They each carry around a stack of index cards instead of a digital organizer.
Definition of stack, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
Definition of cactus stack, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
The smoke stack is part of a system that helps pull smoke through the firebox and boiler tubes to boil the water.

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