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She chirpily replied that the mer-cats should find a sharp rock and then stab the octopus till it died.
On such a day here, the surrounding peaks stab into clouds while fog droops into valleys below.
Much of the city is still underground, and nearly every stab of a shovel yields something new.
One little worm can shoot a harpoon out of its head to stab its prey.
It's the first stab at understanding how dark matter might have affected early stars.
Science has taken a stab at the question, too, and the range of answers might be surprising.
Yeah, keep complaining about how bad you have it as you stab yourself in the eye.
It estimates your annual and lifetime energy production and takes a stab at the rate of return on your investment.
Prior to that he had sustained stab wounds, bites and often came home with bruises.
So let me try to take a quick stab at the clash of cultures exemplified by the articles linked above.
Defensive back suffers stab wound in night club skirmish.
Another feature takes a fairly cogent stab at politics.
One tried to stab the warden of a mental hospital with a pitchfork.
Perhaps someone other than the author can take a stab at what this essay is trying to say.
Also, you should probably take a stab at breastfeeding.
Thousands of sleuths have taken a stab at it so far and have succeeded to crack two parts of the letter.
The scout can turn invisible and back-stab enemies, killing them instantly.
And his brief stab at profiting from his hobby by charging a subscription fee proved fruitless.
Insert a stab frill in each nest and one in top of cone.
If normal journalism is the first draft of history, this publication is a stab at a first draft of the future.
Far-fetched perhaps, but they are making a stab at it anyway.
Hence the value of a brave stab at measuring knowledge and skills, broadly defined.
He got so frustrated with the same underling's progress on a whitewashing report that he took a stab at it himself.
Because ownership is often a secret, some of the data are only a first stab at the truth.
As its authors acknowledge, it is a crude first stab at measuring the rich world's help for the poor.
His only stab at violent political action ended in farce.
It has made a stab at reforming the pension system-a weak point in all ex-communist countries.
Now the pilot has full rate authority on the rudder and the stab.
From the presentation yesterday, it appears to be a genuine stab at artificial intelligence in a mobile device.
In the meantime, fishermen stab the puffer and throw it back into the water.
Then, once again without warning, they take that toothpick and begin to stab you in the right eye with it.
In the video, you looked as though you were about to stab the torch into the roof of your mouth.
Good work at taking a stab at presenting a clear, coherent response.
Science is having a stab at explaining these questions, but it is some way from an answer at the moment.
Quickly the proper patience appears and no matter how deep the stab of boredom in an actual confrontation.
Occasionally one of them takes a stab at saying something meaningful.
We recounted our stories to others because in the telling came a solace, a glint of understanding, some stab at resolution.

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