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He is a slow, lumbering giant, a world-weary emperor with golden fur and tiny eyes that squint at me with myopic curiosity.
Meanwhile concerned citizens wondered whether these ostensibly benevolent electronic eyes were developing a suspicious squint.
Brown said, his eyes narrowing to a conspiratorial squint.
Eyes close and squint, nose bulges, cheeks bulge and mice also pull back their little round ears and move their whiskers.
These are pictograms that use bright blotches of color to show how the mouth moves, the eyes squint, and the cheeks scrunch.
As a result, someone with myopia tends to squint when viewing far away objects.
Magazine readers no longer have to squint to see the health warning on ads for smokeless tobacco products.
Friends who scrawl an ancient code that causes readers to hunch over and squint.
It is so tiny you'll have to squint to see the letters.
No longer is it necessary to squint down a narrow tube at a tiny picture to follow the action being taped.
We recommend setting it before starting the car, or you'll crash into something as you squint to find it.
What he glimpses in an adjoining bedroom is really something to squint about.
At times her word-illuminations made the viewer squint to decipher them.
Whether you are desperate enough to squint at your work and edit with your thumbs is another matter.
If you squint a little, you can see a large, glimmering lake in the distance.
In other words, if it were the only object in the sky you could read by it, and looking at it would make you squint a bit.
Nothing to apologize for, no reason for the audience to squint.
If you squint, you can see the first gleaming of this cyborg scenario.
Taking stock of the major economic indicators, you really have to squint to see anything good.
Today there appears to be little interest in reforms that squint at parliamentarianism.
And you should still be able to read it anywhere without having to squint.
He taught generations how to hold a cigarette, how to inhale, how to squint through the smoke.
Watch him roar past you on the road, and see the set of his jaw and the squint of his eye.
In the approaching night of a new era of treachery, anybody would squint.
One of his dad's bushy eyebrows would raise and one eye would squint.

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