squib in a sentence

Example sentences for squib

Your magazine squib intimated that the above article was going to be about great directors and their techniques.
Then a squib kick to open the second half backfired.
Many of the guests on the impressive list were unable to attend the rearranged service, which was something of a damp squib.
Perhaps the bride and groom's turn was the damp squib where none was needed.
The fire turned out not to be serious and rated only a squib in a few gossip columns.
In the event, however, the protest was a bit of a damp squib.
But the big bang may yet turn out to be a damp squib.
Yet as a vote-winner, too, it has turned into a damp squib.
It was a bit of a damp squib, making no firm recommendations and proposing no new regulation or legislation.
In practice, such cross-selling and cross-promotion has turned out to be something of a damp squib.
And even there, protectionism is a squib, not a constant ray.
In the event, however, the protest was a damp squib.
Its only nuclear explosion was thought a damp squib.
These pyrotechnic devices are squib activated to produce chemical reactions that rapidly generate the desired gases.
Squib firing lines shall be disconnected, shunted, and grounded before personnel can enter the burn area.
Firing of only one squib was referred to as a first-stage air bag deployment.
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