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They can be used to bludgeon enemies, to destroy critics, and to squelch debate.
Whatever the cause, once you find that philanthropic spirit, something as petty as a parking ticket isn't going to squelch it.
When bitten, they collapsed with an unctuous squelch.
Finding the plane would squelch erroneous rumors about his stepmother's disappearance, he said.
Availed of a human body, it can thrive for years on end, foiling the immune system's attempts to squelch it.
Such controls have done more to squelch innovation and investment in cable systems than to protect consumers.
Let's not allow taboos to squelch intelligent discussion.
The ability for only two to fix prices or squelch innovation becomes infinitely easier.
His office has been quick to squelch press reports that he is on the point of throwing in the towel.
His shirtless photographs have done little to squelch his popularity.
Or being a policemen whose leave is cancelled to squelch urban riots.
And if they do, the sensible autocrat will squelch them as soon as possible.
Eliminating the anonymity will definitely squelch much of the hateful ranting.
The bank sought to squelch the relevance of religion to the resignations, fearing that the news would be bad for business.
Experts agree that it is not enough merely to squelch the symptoms of heartburn.
Efforts to squelch free music have had uncertain results.
The insensitivity that is the dark side of boldness can squelch intimate relations.
Maybe they're wrong, of course, or maybe that's a pretext offered to squelch a threat to their corporate paymasters.
His family is extremely eager to squelch such rumors.
The code aimed to squelch gangs by requiring students to wear only certain clothes and solid colors.
But dorsal horns also contain neurons coming down from the brain that can boost or squelch the signals.
Please put in place laws that squelch the benefits of short-selling, day-trading and hedge fund-type activities.
Older radios have a squelch control that adjusts the sensitivity of your receiver.
It must change, lest it dampen our opportunity and squelch the individual initiative which is our engine for growth.
Adjust the squelch as necessary to avoid excessive noise in the event of keying the repeater.
They moved quickly to squelch any possibility of a future encounter.
Invasive plant species squelch biodiversity by adversely affecting the growth of native plants.
Firefighters shifted their efforts in an attempt to squelch the threat to that community.

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