squeegee in a sentence

Example sentences for squeegee

If you miss, your screen becomes obscured with fruit pulp, although you have a limited-use squeegee with which to clear it away.
Use a padded squeegee handle that conforms to the shape of the hand, and widens the grip diameter.
Strike-off the sealant flush with the pavement surface using a squeegee or sealing shoe pressed firmly against the pavement.
To reduce dragout from the graphite tank, the facility increased the tension of the squeegee rollers.
Shovel out any mud and remove water quickly with a mop, squeegee, water-rated pump or wet vacuum.
When wet spots occur, finishing operations should be delayed until the water either disappears or is removed with a squeegee.
Use squeegee rolls in continuous or reel-to-reel plating tanks.
Ability to learn to operate a variety of hand tools and power equipment such as a putty knife, squeegee, floor machine and vacuum.
Where tanks can be cleaned manually, use a wiper or squeegee rather than solvents.
Mop or squeegee floors where a lot of water is used in cleaning.
The breaker box is in the back room, as well as a broom and squeegee, in case you need to squeegee water off the bandstand floor.
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