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Example sentences for squeamish

They do not want to be submerged in squeamish memories.
Some of our more squeamish readers will feel cleansed.
Squeamish readers will already be imagining the horrific problems which arise should the clippers slip from my grasp.
It's the kind of story that makes some people squeamish.
So stop being so squeamish and sensationalizing and smarten up.
Cautioning squeamish viewers to avert their eyes, she raised a flowerpot on high.
Some scientists propose a solution that's not for the squeamish.
If growth is important to them, they need to become a lot less squeamish about overheads.
Those in the crowd pushed aside such squeamish questions.
While the squeamish may be steering clear, investors seem undeterred.
Where problems arise they ought to be addressed without any squeamish restraint.
There is nothing to tip off the squeamish that we've entered hoof territory.
Aging is not for the squeamish: skin sags, joints ache and hearing might start to go.
The thought of shuffling off our mortal coil can make all of us a little squeamish.
My inner pragmatist says politicians shouldn't be too squeamish about using bad economics in a good economic cause.
On the show, you seem squeamish when an animal is slaughtered.
There are always some squeamish patients who fear heights.
If possible, place an empty pail or wastebasket slowly over a small or coiled snake until someone less squeamish arrives.
If grub infestation is low, the parasites can be removed from the flesh if family members are squeamish about eating them.
Bernie is known to be squeamish about the sight of blood.
All of us have an intuitive feel for risk, but when it comes to use of risk concepts in regulation, everyone becomes squeamish.
And everybody was squeamish, they went back on the boat.
And then again they might not want to see it, if they are squeamish and couldn't look at it.
Isolation from farming and from hunting has made us squeamish.
Definitely not for the squeamish, this horrifying drama contains nudity as well as violence.

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