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Example sentences for squeal

She has a heart-shaped face and a high-pitched squeal of a laugh.
Occasionally a high-pitched squeal is heard amid bumps and the sound of scrabbling toenails.
For years, he has lived twenty-four hours a day with a loud, grating squeal in his ears.
Tires squeal and skid as vehicles corner tightly at high speed around curves and dirt roads.
For example, train wheel rumble is a low pitch sound and a squeal is a high pitch sound.
Employees have never found it easy to squeal on employers.
The motor emits a delightful squeal when you stomp on it.
But all is quiet here except for the faint squeal of the construction elevator climbing to the surface.
And both have recently experienced technical milestones that made researchers squeal with glee.
Upon completion of your self-pleasure, mark him as your territory and he will surely squeal with delight.
Isn't it amazing, when the greedy are asked to contribute to something, they squeal the roof down.
Steel train wheels make a shrill squeal, the immense weight shakes the ground for hundreds of yards away.
It seems to me that if one wants to live by the press, one should not squeal when the press turns negative.
The roar of the engines the squeal of the tires.
As they were talking they heard the belts on the forage chopper begin to squeal and noticed smoke from the belts.
She will squeal with delight as you call her name and make silly sounds.
Startled mink may squeal, hiss or snarl and then release a scent similar to a skunk.
They also squeal in terror when attacked by a predator.
One of the robot arms arm would squeal along a small segment of its track.
The lower robot arm would squeal along a small segment of its track.

Famous quotes containing the word squeal

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Yeah, you dames is all alike. You sharpshoot and you cheat, and how you squeal when you get what's comin' t... more
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