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Example sentences for squeaky

In flight, these birds can be readily identified by their long square tails and high-pitched squeaky voices.
There is scraping of squeaky fiddles in the dark rooms, and cracked old voices sing long-for-gotten songs.
And the squeaky clean mice, even with the risky gene, stayed healthy.
In this case, the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.
Critics say other figures in his party lack his squeaky-clean pedigree.
Here she is, bald-lifting the squeaky flap of her white rubber bathing hat to tuck out of sight strands of her livid hair.
Oh, ye of the wheeled and squeaky cart, you are in for a pleasant surprise.
Complaints about squeaky noises were among the factors that slowed acceptance of the original version.
From a squeaky-clean nun to a single mom who cleans.
After a few near-misses, he gathered a squeaky white bird in a tight hug, stroking her feathers to calm her.
People have never really been told that a litter box has to be kept squeaky clean.
But she was undistracted by a squeaky bark from the sideline that might have irked a golfer.
Nature is not nearly so finicky or squeaky-clean as our ideals demand.
They are extremely active and inquisitive, often being lured in by squeaky noises.
It's no surprise that a squeaky squirrel is a favorite.
In fact, it is important for you to find out if the squeaky wheel is representative of the community or an outlier.
But in law enforcement, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
The song of loggerhead shrikes is an often repeated medley of low warbles and harsh, squeaky notes and phrases.
Something as simple as a squeaky chair will set them off.
When dogs are taught to play with squeaky toys, ropes and rubber tug toys, owners encourage ripping and shaking and tugging.
Search the treetops for blue jays, whose squeaky calls resound overhead.

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If you're not back there in ten minutes, I'll be back here in eleven—with squeaky shoes on!... more
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