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Example sentences for squeak

First there's a whirring, then a beep, then a high-pitched squeak.
If it uses a high-pitched squeak and you feed it, it will learn to repeat that noise to get fed.
Instead of producing a high squeak, for example, the engineered mice produced lower sounds.
Much better sound than playing it on its little squeak speaker.
Many bats emit a high-pitched click or squeak that you can hear.
Apparently, the only sound it utters is a faint squeak.
Listen for the high pitched squeak of the pika which makes its home in the subalpine zone.
Finding the cause of a squeak is often the hardest part.
With a third group, she activated the squeak as if by accident.
With their liquidity buying them some time, next year will be about squeezing the business until the pips squeak.
Over the squeak of sneakers on the softwood floor, a small group hangs out around a leather couch.
Yet, with an eye on improvement, a squeak would seem a small price to pay for life.
At the same time, they had to satisfy their clients, whose many requirements included floors that would not warp or squeak.
Yet, only four years later there was barely a squeak when an entire shopping mall was built next to the museum.
The lining may also bunch and peek out at the wrists and it may squeak and rustle when you walk.
The feet halted with a squeak of polished leather inches from his skull.
As you move and shift your weight in the cold, the metal in your boots and the bindings on your pack squeak in response.
Manually operated microphones behind the nets allow the audience to hear every swish, rim-rattler and sneaker squeak.
The car flees into an off-ramp and, precipitate, stops with a rubber-mouse squeak of tires.
Not surprisingly, all the wheels have begun to squeak.
And that blast was a pip-squeak compared with what came next.
Then the instructions told me to squeak a toy while keeping it out of view.
Few campuses have huge endowments, while many squeak by on much lower budgets.
There was a squeak and rush of release inside his skull and something shot from him into the air and hung there and sparkled.
But to squeak past the finishing line they will still need a small proportion of hybrids and electrics.
Squeeze the rich until the pips squeak, and the juice goes out of the economy.
At night, rats squeak and gibber around the bases of the monuments.
That's because squeaky wheels have more and better ways to squeak.
The raisers fill their cells with squeak toys and chew bones as well as photographs of their pups past and present.
The cover also shows a yellow bird that makes a squeak noise when pressed, and a clear plastic container of multicolored beads.
Unlike house mice, his voice is more of a song than a mere squeak.
We can hear a wide range of pitches from the squeak of a mouse to the low roar of a waterfall.
Whatever method used, the bat will open its mouth and squeak loudly when touched.

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