squawk in a sentence

Example sentences for squawk

The last one is waist-high, smaller than the others, and resembles a stunted drive-through squawk box.
Local bloggers may squawk about content wanting to be free.
Let the little nippers squawk all they want to about bias.
They're going to be perfect husbands because they'll never make a squawk.
The dark-oak squawk of his horn was a constant, through fits and starts and unfurled elaborations.
Even though you've been waiting for it, the first squawk is still a shocker.
And yet airplane electronics, or avionics to use the technical term, do not routinely squawk or fail.
But if you're going to squawk about glowing recruiting rankings, then you better make those recruiting rankings pay off.
Let the trade unions and the political sponsors of those who have been laid off squawk all they want.
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