squatter in a sentence

Example sentences for squatter

Squatter families move into these forests to grow their patches of millet and maize.
My goal is to change the, look of squatter communities world wide.
From perspective of landlord, they have a major squatter problem.
The party bosses may snub her, but she remains hugely popular among the poorest, the people of squatter camps and tin shacks.
Before, when they lived in squatter camps, they drew water from a communal tap and used paraffin lamps.
Not far from me was a little one-roomed squatter's hut of wood, surrounded by a patch of potato garden.
We can't really tell if this fire was also caused by a squatter.
But in many cases, biologists have little insight on the relationship between host and squatter.
So will the rat control people be offering a permanent solution to the squatter problem.
Some cyber-squatter has taken the name and wants a exorbitant fee to give the name back.
In the squatter colony a hand pump creaked and someone made clucking sounds as a horse stomped.
Here, multimillion-dollar estates and rolling ranches lie near shacks left over from squatter days.
The carbonizer, shown as the squatter vessel in red to the left above, provides fuel gas for the topping combustor.
The term squatter did not carry any invidious meaning.
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