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The red firelight flickered over their wild figures as they squatted away from the blaze, where the light and the shadow met.
They squatted on the ground together, sat on walls together.
One squatted on a stool with a dentist's drill in his hand, carving identical figures and faces on chopped-off pieces of tusk.
The garden gnome that squatted between chaises on the roof deck was also her addition.
For the final pose, he squatted and spread his knees.
Instead of dangling his legs down the sides of his horse, he squatted high in his stirrups.
It's supposed to give you your own name if it is being squatted.
Filtered-water pitchers, for instance, which have squatted on refrigerator shelves for years.
The rumble of timpani usually comes from the rear of the orchestra, where they are squatted near other percussion instruments.
She went into the kitchen and squatted beneath the stone counter that runs around the kitchen at waist level.
He squatted on his haunches and rocked himself in the rain.
The fighters squatted in the dust, feeding rounds into ammo clips and nibbling on pistachios.
Behind the false fronts the buildings squatted under their partly shingled, sloping roofs.
As he squatted and performed a lifting maneuver, he experienced severe right knee pain.
Get in a squatted position so that your knees are bent and your body is close to the ground.
He hoped for a cure, to someday stand taller than he was, now squatted by the gross deformity of his spine.
Those without chairs squatted, eating snow and listening to the leaders speak.
Settlers squatted on lands, while speculators hatched grandiose schemes to buy and sell western lands for substantial profits.
The best of this land has already been squatted upon.

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The harlot squatted with her hands over her red hair. She was not looking for customers. She was in a deep ... more
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