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The donkey stood squarely under this staggering load.
How lineages might change is squarely within the realm of speculation.
Two studies published this past spring pin the blame squarely on humans.
Of course it has scientific appeal: the biggest questions fall squarely into its lap.
Some of the automatically produced inventions infringe squarely on the exact claims of the previously patented inventions.
In fact, the organization is focused squarely on promoting fossil fuels.
Fortunately, much better solutions exist once the focus is put squarely on nurturing sustainable development.
No mater how much you place your fingers squarely in your ears it still happens.
And that bears squarely on the health and safety of the public.
Unless and until you produce such data, your pathogen idea remains squarely in fantasyland.
And what makes that bleak is that the spirit he conveys is squarely in the mainstream.
Fathers are blocks of marble--placed squarely in your path.
The idea of setting it squarely in today's political arena seems limiting and maybe a little boring.
But the future is not as open as one might want it to be, and this must be squarely faced.
Such outcomes run squarely against the goals of scientific inquiry.
They can do that for their students by placing those objectives squarely in the middle of their mission.
Narratives fit squarely within legal discourse and jurisprudence.
The article seems to place the blame squarely on faculty members, apparently, from an administrator's perspective.
Imagine that all of those lectures, in which the camera is pointed squarely at a professor, were suddenly freely available.
But it's bizarre to put the blame so squarely on public health officials and epidemiologists, as if anyone listens to them.
In fact, interest in forgiveness sits squarely within current efforts to find common ground between the two.
The likely rocky planet orbits squarely in its star's habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for life, astronomers report.
They have their sights squarely set on reaching the mainstream and are using every tool at their disposal to do so.
Such a belief lies squarely at the base of all modern and ancient faiths.
Many scientists pin the problem squarely on feral hogs.
And, having squarely faced the gravity of their predicaments, they also manage suffering well.
Welcoming, informal, and affordable restaurant where the accent is placed squarely on the food.
Five minutes later, her name was squarely in the middle of the sheet.
The authors of the two books here reviewed belong squarely in the shin camp.
The burden of responsibility for change is now squarely and unequivocally upon the white churches and white churchmen everywhere.
The real economy has been in a state of wrenching transition for decades, and its dislocations have never been squarely faced.
Calm and cerebral, with the focus squarely on the food.
But they will wither unless the central government throws its weight squarely behind them.
But its focus is squarely on the post-trade aspects of any merger.
Most scholars agree on a basic explanation of the hump, placing both blame and credit squarely on central bankers.
They keep the overview squarely focused, and the technical producers keep the projects working.
But the reliance on the banking channel falls squarely in our mandate.
Generalizing from a small segment to a whole category without purpose falls squarely in the acting a monkey category.
But again, the blame is placed squarely upon the unions as the negotiators of such sweet benefits.
The smaller the problem, the easier it is to face it squarely.
These pension plans are woefully under-funded and it falls squarely on the taxpayer to make up the difference.
It has decided to put the topic squarely on the campaign agenda.
These diagrams are more freeform in nature and are aimed squarely at a general audience.
On second thought, we'll leave it squarely in the category of science fiction for a little while longer.
The attacker had found an unprotected entry point and aimed a volley squarely at it.
Now, the drug use is more scientific and aimed squarely at enhancing performance.
To be protected by a safe harbor, an arrangement must fit squarely in the safe harbor.
Approach elevators slowly and enter squarely after the elevator car is properly leveled.
But the plan must squarely face the inevitable squeeze in future resources.
Work does not qualify as administrative simply because it does not fall squarely on the production side of the line.
The responsibility for learning rests squarely with the learner.
Cuts should be made squarely to avoid forming sharp pointed ends.
In this test, the individual sits on the floor, with legs outstretched and heels squarely against a box.

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