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Since then a new generation of poor people has grown to adulthood in poverty and squalor.
Our lovely camp site now occupied by a hut and dirt, squalor, and filth.
The history books record the squalor of early industry, the poverty of the industrial workers, and their exploitation.
Put marble in the governors office, ask refugees to livein squalor.
People seem to want this, as opposed to urban tumult and squalor.
Migrant workers who are cheated by their employers and live in squalor while providing all of us with food are exploited.
The choice, for many, is going hungry in the countryside or finding a job while living in squalor in the towns.
The film is visually beautiful in a way which tends to minimize the squalor of the times.
Much better this great irregularity than universal squalor.
He never speaks a word and serves as a mute witness to the brutality and squalor around him.
What squalor and degradation inhabit these dens the health officers know.
And the atmosphere of intellectual squalor in which the salaried writer operates would offend his dignity.
Look again at the wallowing happy people, lotus-eating in squalor.
Familiar with squalor and hospitable to vulgarity, his mind was yet tenanted by sorrow, a place of midnight wrestlings.
The post-Katrina squalor and corruption has made it difficult for the president to milk pathos out of subsequent disasters.
We tend to think of mental hospitals as snake pits, hells of chaos and misery, squalor and brutality.
How the press and journalism became entwined in this squalor is a long and complicated tale, but there seems to be no escape.
We sat there in the neat squalor and there was nothing to do and nothing to say and she did not wish to eat.
The landscape was changing fast too, as people moved from the land to the squalor of the cities.
What she railed against was the squalor and loneliness of their last hours.
The selfishness of other people has driven the weakest of our society to squalor and desolation.
Dogs carry huge chains and padlocks around their necks and live in squalor.
The crowding and the squalor brings fever to the inmates of the workhouse who are not strong enough to fight the disease.

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