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Example sentences for squalid

The urban poor often lived and worked in squalid and dangerous conditions.
Finding potable water is a problem for those living in squalid camps, but it may not be their biggest concern.
The only landscapes he noticed were window-views of houses and his own squalid gardens, full of buddleia, which he also painted.
Their severity typically reflects the level of development: the more squalid a country, the more virulent the cholera.
He often slept in a squalid homeless shelter, if not under a bridge.
The rest of the time, he lies on his back in a squalid motel.
By the end of the film, you feel you have shared his squalid life of bedbugs, cheap cooking and too many cigarettes.
She relates these rather squalid events in what she takes to be a proper, formal way.
They managed to get out, but the squalid facility is quickly filling up again.
Most, however, were executed or died in squalid camps.

Famous quotes containing the word squalid

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