squabble in a sentence

Example sentences for squabble

Those who squabble over space disagree about why there are more species in the tropics than anywhere else.
The squabble about how to fix this problem had dragged on for years.
He said, however, that they had had a little squabble because he was going to buy a motor car business.
Other corporate siblings squabble over the family name.
The animals no sooner appear than they start to squabble over who will rule as king.
Cartels always find yet another reproach to squabble with each other.
Nor should it surprise anyone that this squabble attracted the interest of powerful figures in the church.
The mad-cow saga has become a squabble over what sorts of beef should be sold.
But they rarely degenerate to the point where a company gets into a public squabble with a fired auditor.
The details of the squabble over the estate are less important than the lesson to be drawn from it.
Both have been preoccupied with a nakedly political squabble over the judiciary.
Ministries squabble but no one knocks heads together.
But now people are afraid that this undignified sectarian political squabble will spill onto the streets.
They squabble over money, power, ideology and sectarian issues.
It is a petty squabble, masquerading as a civil rights matter, that has no place in federal court or any other court.
Later, listen for the honking call, which may be geese either greeting each other or engaging in a territorial squabble.
What had begun as a cross-town squabble over sandlot basketball games had escalated into urban guerilla war-fare.
He spent the last years of his life engaged in a bitter family squabble.
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