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They investigate possible food sources in garbage piles, septic tanks, and sputum.
These may be used if there are signs of infection, such as fever or yellow or green sputum.
Sputum samples may be taken to check for signs of inflammation or bacterial infection.
Cough medicines may make it harder for your body to cough up the extra sputum.
Patients may have a severe hacking cough, but it usually does not produce sputum.
But other doctors say a negative sputum test does not necessarily rule out pneumonic plague.
To be a doctor, for example, means looking at feces and urine and sputum.
But they all were pronounced free of the disease after blood and sputum tests.
They all had bilateral pneumonia and blood in their sputum.
Only a sputum sample will reveal the organism causing the infection.
Patients with congestion and heavy sputum can benefit from maintaining good fluid intake and keeping their homes humidified.
The patient uses an incentive spirometer at regular intervals to improve breathing and loosen sputum.
He was no richer when blood appeared in his urine, sputum and excrement.

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The Bible is a sanctum; the world, sputum.... more
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