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At any rate, if it is heat it ought to be white heat and not sputter, because sputtering heat is apt to spread the fire.
When your car starts sputtering, it's easy to look at the dashboard and see if you're running out of gas.
We each emerged from our dunk sputtering mud and laughing.
Inside, two opposing steel brackets sat almost floating in a tight square pool of sputtering oil.
Nonetheless, the automotive startup world is sputtering to life.
The economy, while moving in the right direction, is still sputtering.
It's also that the economic recovery is sputtering and in serious danger of slipping into a second recession.
After eons of sputtering research, the science of fire goes into orbit.
In an instant she snapped out of her dissociative dream state and was sputtering back up to the air.
The reprise was a sputtering, closing version of the original conflagration.
But the service began sputtering when its systems could not handle the traffic.
But it could also be a sign that the motor that has driven its growth to date is sputtering.
It also explains why fashion shows and golf matches take place to the sound of sputtering gunfire.
All this comes as the economy is sputtering, thanks in part to a slowdown in the euro zone.
Alas, this magnificent hiring machine is sputtering.
Evidently those charges have so unmanned you that you have been reduced to sputtering insulting adjectives.
Sputtering overall demand tends to reduce demand for capital, too.
The era of the automobile is slowly but inexorably sputtering to a painful demise.
Its bow finally goes high into the air and the ship then slides out of sight with a great sputtering of smoke.
Education is the engine of social mobility, and it's sputtering.
Sputtering economy pushing investors away from cyclical.
Backside metallization with a metal such as gold may be deposited on the back of the wafer with sputtering.
We will provide a description of the sputtering and chemical vapor deposition tools and their capabilities.
The term is used for both microwave sources and for sputtering discharges.
One method is rf-sputtering, and the other is evaporation.
The sputtering technology deposits particles onto the substrate in a uniform and even manner.
In addition, the facility also uses sputtering chambers.
Sputtering methods can sometimes be used to achieve a durable phosphor coating.

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