sputter in a sentence

Example sentences for sputter

Sputter coat silicon onto ferrous atoms under a magnetic field's influence.
Then mortgage defaults rose, and the economy began to sputter.
If property insurance expires in mid-sputter, insurers have the chance to shed their risks before claims erupt.
Before you go sputter, please look at the fundamentals.
As the market continues to sputter, the fear of another recession grows.
The restaurant might fail before it has the chance to sputter to life.
They are the sad reminders of careers that burned brightly only to sputter into oblivion.
However, a few times in the last four chapters, the storytelling begins to sputter.
These materials were sputter deposited onto single-crystal superalloys, followed by various heat treatments.
Sputter low-e coatings are gaining popularity over pyrolytic low-e coatings.
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