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Example sentences for spurt

Biggest growth spurt yet for powerhouse video service.
For example, it is normal for boys to have a growth spurt in weight and catch up in height later.
When sedatives injected into the dinosaur kick in, the razor jaws close down on the tongue and sever it in a spurt of dark blood.
The company's growth spurt has spawned a host of daunting questions that no data-retrieval system can easily answer.
As a result, the business experienced an almost uninterrupted growth spurt.
The biggest growth spurt occurred in the first couple of years of life.
The last third of pregnancy is one long growth spurt for the fetal brain.
Rich countries will be cursed indeed if they cannot put on an occasional growth spurt.
But this spurt looks more sustainable and it has to be.
But as with any new regulations, a spurt of innovation followed.
Without further structural reform, such a growth spurt seems unlikely.
One conclusion from all this is that unemployment could spurt over the next few months.
Oil exporters, for example, put on a saving spurt if oil prices rise.
The past couple of decades have seen an unprecedented spurt of mergers.
Not so, insists a source in the palace, who blames an overzealous government for the spurt of arrests.
Three possible conclusions arise from this spurt of plain speaking.
Hey what has been conveniently missed out is the reason for the fresh spurt of violence.
The result was a last spurt in popularity for what is now a collector's item.
Whether our growth spurt will turn into a new long wave of prosperity turns on getting this right.
It's largely advances in this area that have positioned the field for its real growth spurt.
Alligators and many other reptiles don't have such a big initial spurt.
Part of this fantastic metabolic spurt goes toward producing the necessary digestive acids.
If only it wasn't too late for you short people to have a growth spurt.
Skeptics, though, believe that the growth spurt will be temporary.
But this movie finds one last spurt to send the characters and the audience out happy.

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