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In fact, it was spurred by a tax cut, not a tax increase.
Spurred by these findings, the experimental tendency in economics has expanded prodigiously.
In a laboratory simulation, atoms hopped from site to site, spurred by heat.
Humidity had spurred the growth of mold, and there were even more holes in the pages than before.
In a world dominated by electric cars, all these power-producing technologies would be spurred to compete, encouraging innovation.
It has spurred efforts to dream up ambitious solutions to big problems, such as collaborative storage networks that let.
It raises the risks of the overspending, excessive credit and inflation that have spurred past emerging-market crises.
The dramatic hair loss is caused by mange, a condition spurred by an outbreak of mites.
The continuing strength of the stock market spurred all kinds of donors to give at record.
The trend is spurred by the increasing ubiquity of diverse mobile devices.
Explore an environmental argument spurred by a natural gas boom.
These changes are spurred in part by fiscal pressures.
Past amnesties, he said, simply spurred more inflows.
The favorable business climate has particularly spurred growth in banking and financial services.
Consumers, whose open wallets have spurred on the economy, seem to have balked.
Past financial crises spurred new intellectual paradigms.
The bull market and the publicity surrounding new share issues have spurred enthusiasm.
The upsurge, spurred by rising oil prices, raised fears that the inflationary genie was out of the bottle again.
Three things have spurred interest in longer-dated securities.
The web spurred deep changes in the structures of the corporation.
The last leg of my bicycle journey was spurred by thoughts of home, of completing a task, of being welcomed back.
Perhaps their frustration has spurred them to take their case to the public.
One seas too much of politics and of human nature spurred by ambition and greed.
High gold prices have spurred miners to work ever deeper in marginal mines.
Predictably this spurred them to read more books and improved their vocabularies.
Spurred by attacks on white-owned land, many are thinking of farming elsewhere on the continent.
But this is still a far cry from the wealth of products and the surge of industrial activity that microelectronics has spurred.
Her outraged widower spurred a protest that escalated into a riot.
The conversion to lean manufacture in its factories has spurred a need for ever-more sophisticated logistics.
The discovery spurred an intense search of the island for fossils of the toolmakers.
It was originally spurred by my own personal experience.
His example spurred my family members to consider wind power.
Spurred by modernization, global politics is being reconfigured along cultural lines.
The process of regional diversification was spurred by the air war, and is now apparently to be maintained and extended.
Melting ice spurred an emergency nighttime evacuation of hundreds of people in the flood zone.
Often controversy is spurred by a teammate who has left an expedition.
In the herd's home range, warmer temperatures have spurred more mosquitoes and heavier snowfalls.
White sands and clear waters have since spurred a tourist boom, with an added fillip from offshore finance.
Bumper profits have also spurred mineral-rich countries to seek a bigger share of the spoils.
Lower interest rates also spurred a spending splurge.
Spurred by changes to employment law, they also began to take on more non-regular workers on lower pay and short-term contracts.
Throughout the millennium, the demand for more education has been spurred by technology.
When their money is at stake, people are really spurred to offer pointed comments.
First, events have spurred the commission into action.
The possibility of a wider ground war has spurred outside efforts to broker a ceasefire.
New machines make mechanical one-armed bandits seem old hat, but that has spurred innovation.
The enormous success of the import has spurred on a burgeoning domestic industry.
Advance reports of both efforts spurred demands for their suppression, virtually all of them from people who hadn't seen them.
Drawing and diagnostic characteristics of spurred lupine.
In both cities, the protests were also spurred by the arrest of human rights advocates, news agencies reported.
The technology, already used to make crops that can resist weeds and insects, has spurred worldwide controversy.
On the consumer side, low interest rates have spurred demand for home mortgages, mostly by people refinancing their loans.

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