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Example sentences for spurned

The fact that the home team spurned half a dozen chances was mere detail.
With time the spurned individual gives up pursuit of the abandoning partner.
Sheep can feed on noxious plants spurned by cows and horses.
It had been spurned by many publishers over the years, though an edition had been privately printed.
Now, new studies are hinting at the added benefits that the once-spurned carnivore have rapidly brought to the preserve.
His team hadn't so much spurned my offer of help as gone straight to the experts.
He was spurned and betrayed by those he claimed to set free.
There is a general concern that participation in reservation life is being spurned for the material benefits of the outside.
The ridiculousness of these statistics that are trotted out as true should be spurned.
Advancements were not spurned, neither were they sought.
Also revealing are the career choices he has spurned.
Without exception, they spurned the short term cash, looked well into the distance and set their sights for the next generation.
The increasingly apparent need for clean renewable energy sources has helped to spurned research in solar driven processes.

Famous quotes containing the word spurned

Well-borrowed and well-returned, then borrowing again will not be spurned.... more
I lost the love of heaven above, I spurned the lust of earth below, I felt the sweets of fancied love, And ... more
His golden locks time hath to silver turned; O time too swift, O swiftness never ceasing! His youth 'gainst time and age... more
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