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One of the myths about inoculation was that it did not produce a true smallpox in the patient but a spurious case of chicken pox.
Not to mention the spurious comma in the second sentence of the second paragraph.
They are likely to be as spurious as the economic models discussed.
The quote may be spurious, but it contains a grain of truth.
If due allowance is not made for such changes, spurious long-term trends can appear in the data.
The detector in the lidar is extremely sensitive and is easily upset by spurious currents.
Instead he was beaten up and imprisoned on spurious charges and is now in hiding in fear for his life.
For now, the hubris of spurious precision has given way to humility.
Now here is a guy who wants to resurrect it because he spotted some spurious correlations.
Several have brought in protectionist measures, including spurious production fees.
The arguments against high-rise farming are spurious.
Few people seem to have agreed with me on this, although their reasons can seem spurious.
It showed that the reconstructed relationship was spurious.
Habitable planets gain press traction, as they should, but unfortunately so do spurious detections of habitable planets.
There are no bogus geopolitics weighing it down with a spurious relevance.
So it seems to me the argument that there are natural ways in which the temperature fluctuates is a spurious one.
Flight controllers suspected it was a spurious signal, but could not be sure.

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