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Each spur will produce two fruit-bearing shoots during the next growing season.
Nearly all of the difference in spur length can be attributed to the length of the cells.
Their distinctive thighbones, which sport a downward-pointing spur, are easy to recognize.
Natural selection, it appears, can spur the emergence of new species far faster than expected.
Wider use of tags could help spur a city's population to bike more instead of drive.
It is not anticipated to spur a significant amount of investment, according to the report.
It's part of a broader attempt to seed not only seed the market with devices but also spur further app development.
It's also likely to spur controversy within the military.
Envy would spur you to spitefully lobby to cut their pensions.
He was not interested in hearing that customer demand might be required to spur e-learning's development.
In other words, realizing that you are equipped for many options and careers can spur you to seek out other meaningful careers.
The new study suggests the reverse: that both mining and metallurgy might spur the rise of complex society.
Climate scientists have long warned that global warming could spur deadly disease epidemics.
They have a venomous spur which they use when fighting other males.
The games and a post-tournament symposium were organized to spur interest and research in robotics and artificial intelligence.
Six different models demonstrate spur gears, crown gears, and sprocket gears.
These beliefs, of course, spur all kinds of non-realistic filmmaking.
Some spur road into the woods off the highway is the closest the book gets to having any mean streets.
On the spur of the moment, but at a moment's notice.
It is incredible with what attention and industry he promoted emulation and every means that could be a spur to scholars.
Packed planes, older fliers spur long lavatory lines.
If last-minute opportunities or emergencies arise, however, you may need to get to a destination on the spur of the moment.
For me an encyclopedia is a treasure map, a spur to conjecture, a set of linked clues.
It was all part of the game, done on the spur of the moment, and it had seemed quite reasonable.
If you want to spur the recovery, it is far too late to wait for a systemic injection to work.
They think high oil prices may spur a sustainable clean-energy boom.
But it may instead be the spur for a looser approach to the notion of collective cabinet responsibility.
By itself, that might spur a rebound in activity in the second half of the year.
Aid to poor countries has largely failed to spur growth or relieve poverty.
Better security will spur gradual progress on restoring basic infrastructure such as water and electricity.
Until this year, the main spur to private finance was tax credits.
Governments should also do more to spur the development of energy markets.
Lower interest rates spur spending by making saving less rewarding.
But it is unlikely to spur a big expansion in new loans.
Perhaps his foundation will spur some equally momentous change, but it seems unlikely.
Emerging-market growth and infrastructure investment will spur global manufacturing demand for the foreseeable future.
As with the provision of power in general, the government hopes to capitalise on this transition to spur economic development.
It remains to be seen whether this will spur the signatories to take the costly actions that closing this gap would require.
As for profits, yes, that is the spur for moving production to a lower-wage area.
Last year it offered targeted loans to spur long-term investment and rebuild areas damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.
Others welcome the fiscal pressure as a spur to efficiency.
He's helped forge new trade partnerships to spur economic growth and alleviate poverty.
Typically, one salutary side effect of recessions is that they eventually spur booms in innovation.
But here's the problem: it might not spur any additional hiring.
The plan intends to get firms to buy more equipment in the near-term to help spur the economy.
Additional action may only push down rates a little, failing to spur much additional refinancing or many purchases.
Others rely more on simply cutting regulation, spending, and taxes to spur jobs.
His home life is a constant satisfaction and a spur to his ambitions.
It had worked out okay with my spur-of-the-moment acorn squash, after all.
His work helped spur an arms race of experimental technology to counter those risks with plush heels and wedged shoes.
These factors would normally make him call for heavy public deficit spending to spur aggregate demand.
Stein hopes the trial will spur his colleagues to reflect on how to convey their knowledge to the public judiciously.
But there was no enthusiasm to spur their clapping into disorder.
Reckoning with dark energy will also spur attempts to define a quantum theory of gravity.
Here the supposed spur is not envy but lust for publicity.
Algae coat the relatively warm undersides of ice every spring, when there's enough light to spur their growth.
Bringing together ideas from varying sources helps spur other ideas.
The added money to go to science, again in my hopes, will spur more innovation in engineering.
But that seems unlikely, and that discomfort can spur on more research that yields better insights and results closer to truth.
Not all supersonic military flights are planned, considering pilot egos, some are spur of the moment.
One of the trauma researchers' ultimate goals, of course, is to spur auto companies to design safer cars.
War, sad but true to say, tends to spur innovation and speeds up development.
Implantable materials that grab stem cells and spur their growth and survival could improve bone-healing surgeries.
It also hopes to spur developers to create apps for the platform.
In animal models, these transplants appear to spur regeneration of cartilage that better resembles native tissue.
In the long run, this inevitable outcome of globalization might spur more innovation worldwide.
We need to take politics out of government efforts to spur innovation.
Weir hopes that the trial will spur further studies on the role of the stem cells and ways to make the treatment safer.
Certain growth factors spur stem cells to morph into specific kinds of cells, such as bone or muscle.
C was an all-purpose language, a kind of lingua franca for the technological age, intended to spur collaboration.
Another is to identify ways to interfere with the mechanisms that spur mutation or regulate gene expression.
Though the decision helped spur the civil rights movement and paved the way for integration, it was not welcomed overnight.

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