sprocket in a sentence

Example sentences for sprocket

The pinch points are located at the bottom and at the chain drive sprocket.
Operator shall be a side-mounted gear and sprocket mechanism located within the drive-end bracket.
Failure to completely guard chain and sprocket drives on machinery.
On bicycles the decal shall be affixed to the upright post attached to the sprocket facing in the forward direction.
Crawler crane means equipment that has a type of base mounting which incorporates a continuous belt of sprocket driven track.
They may have a sprocket mounted in the tip or a solid tip.
The flow is controlled by a sprocket-driven belt that feeds the dry fertilizer into the spreader.
The planetary shaft extends through a planetary sprocket which turns the chain that propels the continuous miner.
The belt twisted and slipped when wet and was replaced by a chain-and-sprocket drive.
The tower was electrically powered with a chain, belt, and sprocket wheel system.
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