spritz in a sentence

Example sentences for spritz

Each spritz is pretty light, but the rapid fire provides adequate soakage.
Spritz inside oven generously with spray bottle and close door.
Put croissants in oven, then spritz again before closing door.
Spritz the potatoes with a few drops of white wine, and there you have it: food for the gods.
Spritz on a bit of summer with these bright blends, which recall a balmy, breezy day on the beach.
Sensors detect the telltale spritz of graffiti paint.
Additional items including lotion and facial spritz were available in the lavs, so this category gets a slight nudge up.
Season the beef with salt and pepper, then spritz the pan with cooking spray and add the beef to the pan.
No one is even suggesting that it was a malicious spritz.
Whether a long spritz, a short spritz or a steady spritz, the court papers do not say.
Some would say it is a fairly steep price for coffee with a spritz of steamed milk.
Instead of an injection, they can receive a painless spritz in each nostril to ward off influenza.
Capers and dill enliven the sauce and a spritz of lemon at the table finishes the dish.
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