sprint in a sentence

Example sentences for sprint

Regardless of who wins this sprint, the next race--to make sense of the genome--will be a marathon with many runners.
When the moment is right a cheetah will sprint after its quarry and attempt to knock it down.
However, running at this speed requires a lot of energy, and the cheetah cannot keep up a sprint for long.
The last days of the journey became a sprint for the pole as both food and fuel began to run low.
The new multinationals have some distinct advantages in their sprint to the fore of global business.
With so many spare resources available, the recovery could sprint ahead for several years without inflation taking off.
Sprint is currently the only carrier to offer an unlimited data plan.
The demands of a one-mile sprint from a standing start are quite different than road racing or hill climbing.
The mobs would congregate and sprint to one area, then retreat and run in another direction.
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