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Example sentences for sprinkling

Students join him in sprinkling cornmeal on the ground as an offering.
At planting time, every vegetable and flower seedling gets a sprinkling of controlled-release fertilizer.
Sprinkling extra shutter buttons over its camera, that's what.
All it needs is a little sprinkling of physics for flavor.
Lettuce may be best kept by sprinkling with cold water and placing in a tin pail closely covered.
The line which sets sprinkling to be a remedy is beside the best cold.
But he killed him in the morning twilight by sprinkling over him the foam of the sea.
Sprinkling some salt on the ice cube makes a little puddle of melted ice.
Top the mixture with a sprinkling of nutmeg and two small pats of butter or margarine.
One carries drinking water to houses and apartments, the other nonpotable water for cleaning streets and sprinkling parks.
Eventually the icy haze begins to shower the ground with a light sprinkling of snowlike particles.
Ladle the soup into bowls and garnish each with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of the scallion greens.
Experiment by sprinkling in dried leaves, petals or herbs, and make sheets of different sizes for use in various projects.
Also included: a sprinkling of powdered sugar, a hunk of butter, and real maple syrup.
Peacekeeping and aid-sprinkling are complementary, not mutually exclusive, undertakings.
Serve, garnished with a dollop of the yogurt cheese and a sprinkling of the chives.
The residential area has a sprinkling of industrial complexes.
The priest blessed the construction site by sprinkling its four corners with little squares of salted paper.
The cake she chose was decorated with a spaceship and a launching pad under a sprinkling of white stars.
If the den is on a flat, the middens are soon degraded by rainfall--even a light sprinkling will undo preservation.
Given this empirical truth, science is best served by sprinkling the money far and wide, and seeing what sprouts.
Layer potatoes in baking dish, overlapping slightly and sprinkling each layer with some of salt mixture and some of butter.
Add a sprinkling of antibiotics and drug-resistant strains emerge-the superbugs that are endemic in many places.
But it has come too late for many crops, which require an even sprinkling through the hot summer.
These contrast oddly with a sprinkling of cheap-and-cheerful shops and fast-food outlets.
Many of them are barely literate, sprinkling their statements on the web with grammatical errors.
Gail was informative, sprinkling every star home in our sights with gossip about the celebrity in question.
Savory and sweet, this soup gets a kick from a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a sprinkling of chili powder.
Top with several grinds of nutmeg and a sprinkling of fleur de sel.
House trade is good and the tendency is toward the higher priced silks, with a sprinkling of knit goods of the better grades.
It offers the perfect combination of the old and the new, with a sprinkling of sunshine and some fabulous beaches too.
Guides explain the history of the area, sprinkling dialogue with humor and anecdotes.
At other times, water customers must follow an odd-even schedule when sprinkling lawns.
Once a month, turn on each valve of your sprinkling system during daylight hours and perform an inspection.
As can be gleaned from the permit, no water sprinkling system was in place at the time of the issuance of said permit.
After all bags are in place, a light sprinkling of water is recommended.
If the layer is checked, users will see a sprinkling of dots across the globe, each marking an earthquake epicenter.
In fact they need the moist conditions and a sprinkling of dust and other debris to provide the chemical nutrients they require.

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