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Asparagus soup is no longer bright and sprightly with a nutty flavor but a dull green puree with a subdued taste.
Among the smallest of these birds are the vivacious verdins and the sprightly gnat-catchers.
Meanwhile downstairs, there were both sprightly and contemplative performances.
Large, firm berries with an excellent, sprightly flavor add to my plant list.
He was incredibly sprightly and forceful, especially for a centenarian.
Large, firm berries with an excellent, sprightly flavor.
The quick dance movements were sprightly and musical.
Barbecued beef stick burnished with peanut butter sauce and served atop a small salad is a sprightly treat.
The meat is so thin that it functions as a backdrop for other ingredients, be they sprightly vegetables or a spicy paste.
The tunes range from four-to-the-bar reels to various types of jigs, which can be either sprightly or stately.
What is meant to be easy and sprightly is vulgar and flippant, as in the first two pages.
How fresh and clean and sprightly the life that leapt in my veins.
Sprightly bits of lemon zest and garlic punctuate this creamy mayonnaise-based egg salad.
The fancy of all this is sprightly and the execution adequate.
He was a careful thinker, resistant to dogmatic answers, and a relatively sprightly writer as philosophers go.
We recovered from both of those recessions looking quite sprightly.
Fight sarcasm with sarcasm: some readers peppered their anger with rhetorical questions and sprightly digs.
The situation is as capricious, the dialogue as sprightly and the settings as sinfully luxurious as they ought to be.
Make it somehow sprightly and entertaining so that it will have some zip to it.
The flesh has a pale yellow color with a reddish tinge, and the juice has a light pink color and a sprightly flavor.
It is a sprightly little sheet and deserves a good patronage.
She enacted the bright, witty and sprightly dan sense in a manner at once artistic and captivating.
The dialogue is sprightly and lively and the piece is well played.

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