spreader in a sentence

Example sentences for spreader

We're hoping they didn't forget the nail-spreader and the bat-phone.
Pick a windless day and sow seed evenly, using a drop or rotary spreader.
Use a spreader to apply fertilizer, if lawn was not fed late last fall.
Solid manure is surface applied to cropland with a box-type manure spreader or a flail-type manure spreader.
Every truck should be equipped with a hitch that is compatible with the one on the spreader box.
The manure is either stored temporarily in a solid stack, or loaded directly onto a manure spreader.
Ensure the spreader applies the aggregate in an even, single-layer thickness.
The spreader shall have all sharp points covered or removed to protect the user.
Agitate the manure in the storage facility thoroughly before loading the tank spreader.
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