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Example sentences for spray tank

Mechanical systems achieve agitation through the use of some sort of paddle or propeller mounted on a shaft in the spray tank.
Use mechanical suction to transfer pesticides to spray tank.
Once compatibility has been proven, use the same procedure for adding required ingredients to the spray tank.
Clean the spray tank, lines and screens thoroughly after use.
Triple-rinse or pressure-rinse containers and pour the rinse water into the spray tank.
The tracers are mixed in with the pesticides or added to the pesticide spray tank used by the worker.
Formulations may undergo a final dilution with water or other diluent after being added to a spray tank or similar device.
Spray tank agitation is necessary to avoid settling.
Impurities in the spray tank or water also may affect compatibility.
Even the order in which you mix pesticides in the spray tank is important.
When filling the spray tank with water do not submerge the end of the hose in the water.
If you are using liquid fertilizer on your turf, add fertilizer to the spray tank while on the lawn.
Prevent the contamination of water supplies by keeping the filler hose or pipe out of the spray tank at all times.
In addition, herbicide samples were collected from the mixture in the spray tank to be applied at each site.
The term tank mix refers to two or more formulated herbicides mixed in a spray tank at the time of application.
Avoid the need to store unused mixtures in spray tank.
The water should be filtered before it enters the spray tank to avoid nozzle clogging.
These rinses should be added to the spray tank before application.
Shake herbicide well before dispersing into spray tank.
Add herbicide product to the required amount of oil in the spray tank or mixing tank and mix thoroughly.
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