spray can in a sentence

Example sentences for spray can

Pepper spray can be effective against all these pests.
In this case, the sensor triggers a spray can, which sprays a volatile odor through a post when tripped.
Before reaching for the spray can, reach instead for your digital camera to capture images of the culprits.
Expansion diluted its energy, cooling the universe in much the same way that vapor from a spray can cools when released.
Lose the bulky fire extinguisher and use a spray can instead.
The spray can become so thick during this time, however, that it obscures the view.
Another important thing to know is that fogger spray can be flammable.
Either way, a shot or spray can prevent you from catching the flu.
Antibacterial cleaners come in a spray can or pump bottle container.
Use of this herbicide as a foliar spray can result in unnecessary damage to non-target species.
Nicotine nasal spray can be used for fast craving control, especially for heavy smokers.
The liquid spray can either be applied using a nozzle attached directly to the unit top or via a flexible spray hose.
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