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Each time you spray a standard cleaner on your counter you breathe in a fine mist of harmful chemicals.
Water seeded area with a sprinkler set on fine spray or use a garden hose with a mist nozzle.
It is using axes to chop frozen spray from wheelhouse and mast before the boat becomes top-heavy and rolls under.
Artificial sprinklers were set up to mimic the natural spray of the falls, but they were unreliable.
Imagine being alone on the ocean for five or ten weeks, sailing in snow, ice and spray cruel as needles.
There are orchids that live on beaches or limestone coral atolls and have adapted to salt spray.
But they caution that a tree with tinsel or fake snow spray cannot be recycled.
But amid the thundering ten-foot waves and shattering spray, hundreds of northern fur seals played with nimble abandon.
Mosquitoes swarm at night, and nobody has come to spray with insecticide.
It begins chattering and leaping, breaking into a thousand ripples, throwing up joyful fingers of spray.
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
Some systems automatically alert the police when spray is released.
The individual attempted to conceal pepper spray and a knife inside a ceramic container placed in her carry-on bag.
It is cold enough in winter for snow-making machines to spray the bare hills north of the capital with adequate covering.
It is one employed by riot police and robbers around the world: pepper spray.
Police said they had found in his pockets another souvenir and a chilli-pepper spray.
Then the spray is moved along to the next patch on the fingerprint and the process is repeated.
During the rainy season, however, the spray plume can obscure the view of the falls themselves.
And for gaps too large for caulking, use spray-foam products.
Store the rubbing alcohol solution in a new plastic spray bottle.
Do not reuse an old spray bottle that held commercial cleaning solution.
Pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply to the foliage, especially the undersides of the leaves.
Use different-colored spray bottles and labels to identify your homemade natural cleaners.
Shake well, and then spray the mixture onto a surface.
The resulting spray shorted out electronics and forced an automatic shutdown of the nuclear reactor.
Lose the bulky fire extinguisher and use a spray can instead.
Until it zaps you with a laser, and shoots you with pepper spray bullet.
That's exactly what happens when you spray this stuff into your oven.
The digital info is then sent to two wall-mounted motors that control a spray paint can rigged to a set of belts.
Replenish gets around this by selling you an empty spray bottle.
The salty spray emanating from the ocean acts as an atmospheric cleaner, new research suggests.
Yet, from the cloud of pepper-spray photographs, one has come to dominate.
Even more important, the new spray models captured the distortion of the droplets, which tends to increase their aerodynamic drag.
However, that doesn't mean that they don't spray these chemicals.
Why not get all there fire fighting boats and spray it down that way.
Stories of pepper spray have been all over the news lately.
In this case, the sensor triggers a spray can, which sprays a volatile odor through a post when tripped.
Scientists tested a nasal spray with two such molecules on mice infected with the plague.
The advantage of such a spray is that you don't have to necessarily direct it on to offenders face.
She intends this to be something of a bombshell: the smoking gun in the form of a spray nozzle, as it were.
It feels really good to sit outside at night without any bug spray on and still no bugs biting or stinging you.
Folks spray stains out of shirts, squeaks out of hinges and odors out of their mouths.
Spray the suitcase inside and out, including inside the pockets, with bed bug insecticidal spray.
Spray heavy duty foil with nonstick spray, then place fish on the foil.
Spritz inside oven generously with spray bottle and close door.
He will spend the blizzard in his airplane hangar, winterizing the building and servicing his spray plane.
The bread was dry, even after the last-minute spray of olive oil.
When you see damage and need to spray, add one tablespoon of the mixture to a pint of water.
For a longer-lasting star that can be walked on, use spray or marking chalk.
For peach leaf curl on peach and nectarine trees, spray with lime sulfur after leaves fall.
Two faded wicker chairs were given a coat of deep red spray paint in this outdoor makeover.
Scale insects and mites are controlled by dormant oil spray.
If you have spider mites, blast their webs apart with a jet of water from a hose and follow up with a spray of insecticidal soap.
Spray loaf pans with oil and place shaped loaves into the pans.
Use dormant oil spray to control pear psylla, mites, and other pests.
In the garden, dislodge them with jets of water or treat with soap spray or horticultural oil.
Install a soft spray head or watering wand with an on-off valve.
Fertilize at planting time with a spray of fish emulsion.
Various protesters told me of the use of pepper spray and freewheeling beatings with batons.
Spray aluminum on organic crops which are not resistant.
Youngblood and his colleagues are currently developing less-expensive spray- or roll-on techniques for making the coating.
The spray-coating method works well over large areas.
The researchers spray the surface of the web with the powder and then twist it into a yarn.
As the tube is vibrating, electrons continue to spray out of its tip.
The detergent breaks down the surface tension at the leaf surface to enable spray droplets to completely cover the leaf.
Then requisitioned the boots he'd spray-painted white.
He keeps a ninja baton and a can of pepper spray by his bed, and only seven people have his new cell-phone number.
Among other things, they were trying to keep the reactors cool by using fire-fighting equipment to spray seawater into the cores.
Behind her, in the center of the large room, there was a large spray of flowers.
Soon one of the camp buildings was spray-painted with graffiti, and the two groups were eyeing each other with weary reservation.
Then, while she held her whisk broom over her eyes, he applIed hair spray.
She said officers were forced to use pepper spray when students surrounded them.
Facing a life of shattered dreams and lost faith in our country hurts them more than the pepper spray and batons.
Then, the protesters link arms and chant, and the riot cops come in with pepper spray and batons.
Farmers spray a coating of water over their plants to help keep them from freezing damage.
What's probably happening is that dealers buy a synthetic chemical online and then spray it on their own mix of herbs and leaves.
It shakes its head rapidly from side to side to achieve a wide spray of venom.
Some disgruntled farmers had to spray their transgenic crops with old-fashioned pesticides.
Lila, they now have a nasal spray version of the flu vaccine.
Kaons are short-lived and quickly decay into a spray of other particles.
The single spray of citrus nearly doubled their tendency to reciprocate.
Pions and kaons- short-lived nuclear particles- will spray out the back of the graphite.
Pheromones spray results will vary with the concentration used.
The instant you spray it, its physical traces disappear and only the scent remains.
Most of them bear codes spray-painted on their fronts by search and rescue crews marking where corpses were found.
The leader of the team would douse the prisoner in chemical spray.
In past summers, incidents of self-tanning trauma led to a household ban on spray products in my family.
Spray operations can present both physical and health hazards to those involved.

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