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They are neither traditional urban centers nor atomized suburban sprawl.
So the formula proposed by the architect is for more sprawl and growth.
As they do so, they may turn decentralised sprawl into quilts of energetic suburbs with a community feeling.
The proliferation of suburban development around city centers creates urban sprawl.
Paved roads and sprawl are likely to blame for summertime smog buildup.
The cheetah is nearing extinction due to poaching and urban sprawl.
Can also be allowed to sprawl and used as a ground cover.
Stay on the edge, and you may survive another run on the mean sprawl streets.
All of these cities have fairly strict development codes, trying to hem in their excess sprawl.
Forests are also cut as a result of growing urban sprawl.
After all, despite differences about the ethics of hunting, both groups lament urban sprawl and habitat destruction.
Sprawl is one of those, all these decisions are with us for a long time.
Develops gnarled, heavy branches that sprawl or ascend in picturesque patterns.
Unfortunately, energy sprawl is only one of the ways that renewable energy makes heavy demands on natural resources.
The ones whose leaves never mildew or sprawl over half your yard.
They can see, for example, what the effect of sprawl will be if they don't do anything.
Cities that sprawl are far less energy-efficient than densely planned communities.
In the north, urban sprawl is rapidly taking over much of the coastal habitat.
It empties out at the end of the day as everyone scatters into the sprawl.
Many of the province's species are threatened by agriculture and sprawl.
Suburban sprawl has guaranteed high cost of housing per unit of land.
Metros would be given more incentives to reduce congestion and sprawl.
All sprawl now the developer has to build the roads.
Urban sprawl presents grim environmental challenges.
As he buzzed the countryside, he could see the pattern of rural traffic or urban sprawl.
From the fourth instalment the series begins to sprawl.
Often disputes sprawl over more than one of these areas.
We should also change our building codes and zoning laws to stop sprawl.
One of the negative exempla is the modern phenomenon of urban sprawl.
To sit gracefully one should not perch stiffly on the edge of a straight chair, nor sprawl at length in an easy one.
The same applies with the contrails of planes and urban sprawl.
Another case of terrain-sprawl trouble popped up a few months later in one of the upper levels.
Beats tend to drag, and synthesizers wander around the vocals, which are sometimes mixed beneath a sprawl of noise.
Urban sprawl doesn't need a gun to rob a community's quality of life.
As in many developing-world cities, the traffic is stifling, the poverty pervasive and the urban sprawl daunting.
Rethinking sprawl might begin much more effectively with these business enclaves.
The phenomenon has become known by a single word: sprawl.
Smart growth is about finding ways to manage sprawl and improve our total quality of life.
Values of the landscape sprawl metric indicated a general nationwide trend of urban and exurban sprawl.
In other words, this is a key strategy in reducing sprawl.
Sprawl consumes rural land and erodes the social capital that binds a community together.
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