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The city's earliest settlements sprang up along the riverbanks, as did its first heavy industries.
Intermarriage was common, new towns sprang up to accommodate the increased population, and various religions blended together.
Theaters, bordellos, villas and warehouses sprang up.
From this unpromising terrain sprang one of the world's great cultural traditions.
The rapidly filling capital also sprang back to life, acquiring new vices and hazards in the process.
And space and time sprang into existence, and they were small and hot.
She escaped from him, however, and sprang into the pigeon-house.
Churches and seminaries sprang up in the larger towns, and samurai were seen carrying rosaries in the streets.
The famous climber sprang into furious counterattack.
Miniature beings with skulls far smaller than our own sprang from an ancient line of human ancestors.
Barricades of rubble and barbed wire sprang up across major intersections.
Pigeons would genetically revert back to the rock doves from which they sprang.
And this time the dead seas sprang dramatically to life.
Her prose was at once effervescent and smooth, and its clarity and precision sprang from the astringency of her vision.
Several peculiar abuses sprang up in the country districts in connection with the shifting marriage regulations.
Hundreds of different ways of presenting government information to the public sprang up.
The fear of congestion sprang from the atrocious conditions in urban slums at the turn of the century.
The flames of conflict roared and sprang aloft toward the heavens.
Although the day had started out calmly, after several hours a headwind sprang up, flowing directly down on us out of the north.
When they came, the white helmets sprang up, plus the cameras and reporters.
Yet these abominations sprang from alleged new scientific understandings of humanity.
And this: the constant lying, which sprang partly from evasion and partly from sheer excess of imagination.
Still, none of those compartments ever sprang open accidentally.
Many of these plans were laid before the economy sprang a leak.
Fifteen bidders sprang into action, quickly whittled down to four.
New forums for communication and debate-the newspaper, the circulating library, even the coffee-house-sprang up.
It sprang as much from his character as from calculation.
He healed himself through bodily movements that sprang from his knowledge of judo and other martial arts.
She escaped from him, however, and sprang into the pigeon-house.
Hal didn't wait for an answer but sprang to his feet and began to walk back and forth between the corn shocks.
He held it pointing obliquely downward, and a bank of steam sprang from the water at its touch.
It was only a more specialised form of these tastes and tendencies which sprang into being in the sixteenth century.
Archer sprang to his feet and stood looking down on her in inarticulate despair.
And they beheld, near at hand, the sources from which they sprang.
Hotels sprang up around the falls to meet the ever-increasing tourist demand for lodging.
And businesses sprang up, many of them handed down to the next generation.
Theaters, opera houses and nightclubs sprang up throughout the city.
As a phrase, it sounds as if it sprang from the fertile mind of some marketing genius.
The bag buckled, then sprang away on clanking chains.
Temporary shanties sprang up throughout the devastated city and beyond.
Fierce demonstrations against nuclear power sprang up around the country.
After his victory, clubs sprang to support his presidential candidacy.

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