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Example sentences for spouting

It whirled round and round, spouting out blood and foam.
It reared up again, spouting water mixed with blood.
She sits there sucking down the water and spouting it forth.
Lava fountains soon began spouting from the vent, prompting fears of flooding due to melting ice.
For the boat operators these animals are practically spouting cash.
If the kids are hearing what that guy was spouting, it's a wonder there isn't even more hatred abounding.
Worse, for all his spouting about how he can't take out his build, he hasn't created anything himself.
Wow, it's so cool when people actually go out and get facts before spouting off reactionary nonsense.
In addition, the newly drilled hole began spouting heated seawater, making it the first manmade hydrothermal vent on the seafloor.
There's a big difference and you should read up on it before you go spouting off about energy markets.
Unless you can actually follow the money, all you're doing is spouting off conspiracy theory.
Some of you are spouting talking points from pundits of all people.
Do some research on the subject before spouting blatant lies.
The characters babble in chipmunk voices, spouting dialogue that is mostly scripted but seems improvised.
He filmed himself posing with guns and spouting an incoherent manifesto of grievances.
Ignore it and you are at the risk of spouting anti-science claptrap yourself.
Spouting nonsense as you did shows gullibility on a high scale.
And he simply refused to entertain a serious guest to tell him he and those spouting the silly talking point were full of beans.
Spitting, spouting of water, and blowing the nose in the water of any regulated facility.
The other new control method involves the use of certain aromatic acids to delay spouting.
The design on the coin is an image of spouting geyser with the park's tree-lined landscape in the background.
Spitting, spouting or nose-blowing in the pool is strictly prohibited.
Clean fallen leaves and other debris out of roof gutters and spouting.
If the tree is cut and grows back there is prolific spouting from the stump.
Water spouting from these fissures produced large waves in the river.
Spitting, spouting of water from the mouth, and nose blowing in the water is prohibited.
They often cruise at the surface, spouting every few seconds as they swim.
Big leaks develop when heads or drip emitters are broken off, cracked or spouting water.
Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or otherwise discharging bodily fluids in the pool is strictly prohibited.
We would marvel at spouting geysers and boiling mudholes in psychedelic hues.

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