spouted in a sentence

Example sentences for spouted

Where the wallowing monster spouted his foam-fountains in the sea.
He spouted off about what he planned to do for us, buy for us.
At the library, she spouted a tangle of theories about nuclear weapons, energy shortages and famine.
In early times, no one knew how volcanoes formed or why they spouted red-hot molten rock.
Three humpback whales showed off their flukes and spouted in the distance, while seals danced and played in the waves.
Early this year a wave of new promises were spouted from behind lecterns at dozens of high-profile political events.
Granular urea is formed in either a rotary drum granulator or spouted-bed granulator.
The cup is unbreakable and comes with spouted and anti-splash lids.

Famous quotes containing the word spouted

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Moreover, the slogan "highbrows and lowbrows, unite!", which he had spouted already, is all wrong since tru... more
I have perceived much beauty In the hoarse oaths that kept our courage straight; Heard music in the silentness of duty; ... more
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